Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH

🔥 Exclusive interview with President Trump’s HHS Advisor 👉


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  1. Back2Basic: Trump searched for missing 3.5 billion U.S. FUNDS AID to Ukraine laundered through Burisma WHy Hunter was on board of directors while dad was VP!!, Obama administration EXTORTION as FOREIGN policy BRINGS U.S. here today!!, ONLY Rico statutes investigations to include conspiracy obstruction and money laundering, presented to a Grand jury documents crimes committed and widens the net to DNC GOP and ALL co conspirators!!, SO with GOP REPEATED failures to follow through with prosecution AFTER just WORDS, IN on the conspiracy?? So if Durham Grand jury IS NOT hearing evidence of ORGANIZED crime statutes including listed above, WE the people BEING robbed of equal justice AGAIN!!, Trump PROVEd just enforcement of existing immigration laws made U.S. safer, WHAT would EQUAL enforcement of ALL existing laws DO FOR U.S.??

  2. Ha Ha Ha- The truth is that Fauci got "famous" and "suck-cessfull" by stealing all the HIV/ Aids data/patents from Dr. Judy Mikovitz and others! She was already celebrated in her field but when Judy blew the whistle they destroyed her!

  3. I am hitting the like button and it isn't letting me like the video. How strange? Jk..not strange. But typical for you tube not liking your subject.

  4. 350 million in royalties from 3rd parties to NIH scientist? Lack of transparency on the original taxpayer funded grants that should be paid back. We the people pay and everyone else gets rich on our dime while we get swindled.

    These a$$holes are pattern inventors for probable crap to kill innocent people.

  5. FAuci and cohort worked in collusion with other agencies in and outside of government to suppress opposing medical opinion concerning COVID , the entire scientific community that participated in this obvious criminal activity must be prosecuted for conflicts of interest at the very least. The must be held to account this criminal activity has got to be corrected .

  6. The problem and The Smoking Gun to all of this is that these corrupt genocidal Maniacs suppressed what they knew was a known cure for this virus for a fawking vaccine that has done nothing but harm more individuals. Research project Veritas the recently-released DARPA documents spells it all out. Wake up America these politicians are absolutely corrupt

  7. Many of us have beotching about this for many years. They steal tax payers money to pay people to perform a job and then that person gets paid even more based on work he did funded by our dollars. It is heavily redacted because the theft and corruption is 100x what it was 2005. Our lord and savior fauci doesn't want anyone to know that he is getting paid by tax dollars, big pharma, and whole lot of other bribes to maintain control and push agendas.

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