Watching Chris Cuomo Throwing CNN Under the Bus is Hilarious

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  1. I find it interesting that CNN laughed at FOX when Bill O'Reilly got caught and fired for sexual allegations but then is silent when there people get caught for the same thing. 🤔

  2. I think something really embarrassing is about to come out on someone. That would explain bidens recent statement… zelensky said something similar too…makes me think it might involve him.

  3. “Fact over feelings” isn’t just a meme.

    Law Enforcement uses “lived experience” (feelings) to justify illegal behavior by minority criminals.

  4. you are aware that Zucker got canned for the same misconduct that Cuomo got canned for—using the CNN staff to support the governor of NY to avoid the scandals, right?

  5. Your tone and intonation say there’s much more to discuss, yet your words say “that’s about all”… gets me every time lol I would definitely subscribe to that podcast too holy fuck would that be the best version of crossfire ever. I would actually pay to subscribe to that

  6. The fact that Lubin Toobin is able to get his job back after what he did and that Andrew Cuomo can murder 15,000 old people and get away with it shows we have no justice in this world anymore. Justice doesn't exist.

  7. Kamala should have been put behind bars with him also I am sure she was part of putting him up to his scam.She wanted to have a new lynching law.And that Roberts woman listening to poor Jussie Smollett. How can they face the public with all their lies and deceptions We are to believe them? They are sick. Hussies out because he is friends with Kamala and the Obama's.

  8. Lib-Bots are so stupid that in order to actually criticize Cuomo, they have to say that he's behaving "Trumpian" . . . they just cannot admit that the slime trail leads straight to the swamp.

  9. My favorite tale about Lenon is when he goes to a bar( I hope no one is eating while reading this).

    Rubs his fingers on his balls and puts them in people's noses ( without their consent). Then he asks point blank – "Do you like pussy or dick?"

    Zero accountability on that by the way.

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