We Accidentally Found out Why There Are No Birds in China

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We ride through China’s northernmost province and discover a massive lie.

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Location –
Daqing, Heilongjiang, China

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

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  1. My parents both spent a lot of time (pharma) in China in the early 2000s and my mom noticed the lack of birds IMMEDIATELY and it was part of why she absolutely hated China.

  2. How is finding wonderful pieces of craftsmanship weird? To make that kind sculpture out of spare car parts is freaking awesome! Beautiful work! (in regards to the transformers)

  3. I don't understand how anyone that was born in the last 20-30 years doesn't understand china cuts corners and does whatever needed to get ahead financially. They have been been doing it to our products for years. They steal patents and copy and paste at a much cheaper price and lower quality and they are good at doing this.

  4. That’s wild. Now I am thinking about my time in China. It was 10 years ago. And I am trying to think if I saw birds now. Lol

    But I traveled through out rural China. And I didn’t see any wildlife. Geez.

  5. They eat bugs and worms everyday or starve just like in North Korea you can bet the few birds there are prime targets for people, so they don't have much of a chance anyway.

  6. Once a cronic liar, everything they say should be deemed a lie to some degree. You do not lie about all sorts of things and then are completely honest about other things. CCP is a liar to the bone, nothing they say could ever be fully true.

  7. …. and then they want to devour endangered wildlife from the rest of the world. Think it's 'medicinal'. …. happens when you have too many deluded humans and not enough planet.

  8. I see on the cranes legs a small device (sometimes red) that is strapped to the lower part of their leg.. I assume that is another way that the handlers control them.

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