‘We Are Democrats’ (?)

A parody of the “We Are Democrats” ad, superimposing images of what Democrats really stand — or fall — for.

Written by Words and Sounds


  1. They soil the very word "Democrat.". They have nothing to do with Democracy….Modern day Liberal progressives are communist scum.

  2. I appreciate the context, but this is the best of journalism to put a mirror up to those who've chosen to believe their own hype, and the mirror image the Democrats refuse to acknowledge will stare at them in the face for all time. Pure naked power at all costs, and by any means necessary, lest the common people see the Left in their radiant evil. They protect themselves at the top by getting the bottom to play their tune. Thank you for showing the very context their media pals can't discuss because it would destroy the fantasy their minds are full of. Reality loves destroying fantasy, and that is our destination, inexorably.