‘We Are Going To Have Chaos’: Rand Paul Warns Against Effects Of Vaccine Mandates

At a telephone town hall on Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned that vaccine mandates would lead to shortages of essential workers and first responders.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Paul. We ARE in America. It has always been a personal choice of all Americans. Thank you that you choose to speak truth and stand up for our rights. To me, it’s completely crazy to make essential workers who have been on the front lines since this all began, risking their lives, putting their own families at risk to help the sick and dying, and now, if they don’t get the jab, their not allowed to keep doing what they’ve even doing, helping save lives, so they’re fired. I mean, what are they thinking? Complete and utter craziness. Is this the twilight zone or what?

  2. What I’m not going to be able to work? I will not vaccinate my self ever or my future children and I do not trust the medical system anymore.!! Now what do we do?

  3. So thankful he's speaking out on this now! It's a serious fear for our nation and I pray more businesses stand up. This goes against everything that America was created and founded on.

  4. someday this psychopath President will be gone. Of course we must live in this hell NOW and the destruction of the USA by this administration of mental sick humans. The USA has lived out its LIFE CYCLE 1776 to now is 245 years, many empires die in that time. The rule of white people in USA is about to come to an end, how sad it ends faster with such leaders. Mexican and south American will soon be the USA just by reproductive numbers alone, but how sad we have more years of psychopathic rule by a mad man.

  5. Chaos is the goal

    When will people realize that in order to implement new world order, these self appointed elite psychopaths must first create chaos

    The economy tanking is intentional and the mandates are meant to create chaos

    New world order motto “order through chaos”

    This is not inept leadership. This is leadership doing exactly what they need to do to implement new world order

  6. I’m waiting for this vaccine mandate to be canceled, haven’t gotten it, and don’t plan on getting it. And I’m immunocompromised. I don’t want whatever they’re injecting to go into my body, if a flu shot sends me to the hospital, imagine this covid vaccine?! No thank you, hard pass!

  7. The essential workers they once Cheered as Heros are now suddenly fired or dismissed over this one thing..Vaccination, but if they refused to take this experimental drug themselves,why expect others to take it?

  8. The argument here is "if"…if 1/3 of these people or 1/3 of thise people…I can use that kind of logic too…if 1/3 of unvaxxed actually got vaxxed we'd likely have saved thousands of lives. Fortunately the great majority of responsible adults look at the vaccine as a preventive cure and show responsibility to the weak and vulnerable in our society. They don't take the vaccine just for themselves but for you. The non vaxxers aren't fighting for anyone except themselves.

  9. He is a freemason and freemason created c19out of thin air. To roll in immune bio warfare by force. Using the words Domestic Terrorists to legislate injected C19.

  10. Um, did you not do this exact thing to your soldiers? Did you not do this exact thing to over 2 million homeless? Its a bit late in the game now to be talking about discarding doctors and such. As a nation you've already abandoned people left, right and centre.

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