We Are In Grave Danger…

The IRS is up to no good.

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  1. This is why they never forgave any student loan debt. They’re about to finally enslave an entire generation of student debtors.

    Buy guns and ammunition. Organize with your friends and neighbors.

    Prepare to defend yourself.

  2. So it started out that people making under 400k a year wouldn’t see a tax increase. Well that was an outright lie because now we have to pay the salary of the new irs agents and foot the bill for all the garbage in the new 700 billion dollar money printing bill.

    Now they are saying that you will not be audited or harassed if you make under 400k. Do you see how this works yet.

    You don’t need 100,000 irs agents to audit and monitor the smallest group of people on earth.

  3. I love the unabashed elitism of referring to ordinary citizens as "Walmart shoppers".
    Then they act like it's insane that those same people would think a government run by those same elites won't value the rights of citizens they consider beneath them.

  4. Train every day my friends! Keep your tools clean and well oiled and well fed! Remember, center mass is a happy mass. Learn how to provide and sustain life off the land if possible. Protect you and your loved ones with your life!

  5. The Democrats are going to create their own secret police force. If the Inflation Reduction bill doesn't wake up people to the fact that the people running the Democratic party are pure evil nothing will!

  6. Agencies are CRASHING and GOV funding keeps saying "INVEST MORE IN FORCED HUMAN COMPLIANCE".
    This is a clear sign that a "CLIMATE TAX" will be issued and HEFTY at that. LOTS of LOGICAL HUMANS WILL PROTEST it and revolt against LOSING THEIR GENERATIONS OLD PROPERTY TO A NEW TAX LAW!
    They destabilize then use that for an excuse to make more HUMAN CONTROL LAWS!
    What is LOTS of those people hires REFUSE to "USE DEADLY FORCE" on their neighbors & family? I guess that will "BACKFIRE" in their faces huh? The same as attempting to use the US MILITARY against IT'S OWN FAMILIES/FRIENDS/NEIGHBORS.

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