We are setting the stage for a tragedy of history and we’re obligated to resist (Livestream #122)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #122 (originally streamed live on April 09, 2022):


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In this 122nd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. EVERYONE needs to listen to Chuck Baldwin for Apr 17 when its posted at his page, at least the last half till the end. EVERYONE!

  2. Covid was an opportunity for Science, The Private sector and Government.

    SCIENCE: The opportunity to test the effectiveness of mRNA based vaccines on a global scale
    GOVERNMENT: To acquire powers not possible expect during an emergency on the scale of a pandemic
    PRIVATE SECTOR: to make money

    Once it was clear the results were bad damage control was implemented to protect those who helped sell this to the public.

  3. We need to rebuild this country from the grassroots level up. We need like minded individuals of all back rounds to come together and do what we need to do. This will happen eventually. There will be places of refuge forming and villages. kept with doctors and nurses, homeopaths, farmers, electricians and other tradesmen, small schools where wholesome family orientated lessons are taught. We will exchange food and labor for what is needed among each other. It is how we have done it in the past and can be done once more. it is time. We will take back our God given rights. No man has the authority over another. many have fought for that very purpose. The outward ego focused mentality and greed driven political leaders must be ousted once and for all. The mass collective belief system must be dropped by all. And moved to an inward focused heart centered reality.
    Reaping what you sow is being shown across the planet. And the law of cause and effect is more prevalent than ever before. You will see first hand the places on Earth that are sowing what they reaped. More and more natural disasters will be seen if the negative energy is not returned to balance. And the same goes for each one of us. balance your energies. As above, so below. What happens on the macrocosm, happens on the microcosm.

  4. Epstein we all just stopped talking about it. Compl3te sheep. Very disappointed all the university's expert researchers and statisticians weren't more vocal. Just lemming losers. Very disappointing

  5. I completely agree with this assessment. Are there any legal actions being taking about this? I cannot find any evidence that any legal action is happening to protect those that are losing or have lost their jobs. One thing is for sure, any politician that supported mandates will never receive a vote from me in the future.

  6. I've been saying this for months ..the critical thinkers , whistle blowers and those with courage are being replaced by yes men and those who look the other way ..go along to get along ..we are losing our best people in Canada they allowed conscientious officers to take vacation , moved the rest to the perimeter then fast forwarded cadets through the academy . Look at the obvious tyrant Steve Bell they promoted to Ottawa Chief ? The authoritarian minded cops who were caught gloating and cheering a woman trampled by horses , were put on the front lines ..want a cop to steal gas cans ? Need a cop who will sabotage a truck , cut hoses and brake lines ? All the best people are fired , forced out until we are left with the worst of the worst trust in the establishment anymore

  7. We have argued this in Australia and been told by the courts that "those people can choose not to work in certain industries or go certain places" and therefore mandates are legal…. these people are disgusting.

  8. Oh dear. I'm so sad. I feel like I have lost good friends. I'm enjoying your book, and I have relished your articulate and nuanced explorations of complex social issues ever since Evergreen. But for Pete's sake, you too. Listen to yourselves. Maybe it's hard to do in the self reinforcing bubble that you and your followers have created. But, really, it's time for a reality check. You've gone off the deep end now. Differences of medical opinion over public policy re a new and unknown health crisis and your invoking apocalyptic visions of government conspiracies? Rallying the followers (and feeding the truly delusional) with high rhetoric about moral obligations to resist? I'm sorry, comparing this situation to Nazi Germany is absurd. And that's the truth.

  9. I work at a hospital in Victoria and they demand 3 shots to remain employed but do not mention fire or termination. They refused to utter those words. Instead they say you will not be on work schedule nor allowed on the premise. They have now added forced flu shots as well as screening for up to 6 illnesses with a swab test. Not allowed to work even if you test positive for the cold. The *ucking cold.

  10. All those politicians, police, doctors, leaders… that decided to follow the orders even knowing in many cases that it was wrong, are fully responsible. I know it is a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth. Shame on them.

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