We are the captain now – debrief from EPIC rally

Hey, lets talk about today’s rally. Reports on numbers vary from 100,000 to 500,000, and I think a solid 300,000 is a pretty safe bet.

No matter which way you slice it, today was a spectacular success and it’s my first protest since my arrest, which means it’s also my first since the police stopped attacking us.

And I got to briefly meet one of my personal heros, John Murphy, whom you may remember from the photo of him locked out of the Shrine on ANZAC day… well that hasn’t stopped him from fighting for freedom!

Today is still sinking in to be honest. I had the absolute privilege of being one of the speakers, and those few minutes I spent speaking with you all are minutes I will never forget.

Melbourne has made a statement that will be heard around the world. Make no mistake our movement is growing and we will win this fight!

See you tonight at 8pm.

Written by TopherField


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  1. Take a look into the vic fire services. Large amount of money has been exchanged. "Crucial" member resigned at key point. SOE could be required for interstate intervention.

  2. I think they will sacrifice Andrews to keep control and achieve their agenda
    We will be lulled into a false sense of complacency. The new 'dictatorhead' will then push ahead . To regain our stolen lives we will have to defeat this strategy.
    The truth will send them packing eventually

  3. Made me proud of Melbourne today. I wish I could have gone to the March but I had to stay home to care for my severely depressed child who cannot be left alone. A product of extended lockdowns. Dan needs to go!

  4. People are moving from being afraid to being angry…profoundly angry at what Deranged Dan and his disgusting minions are doing to kids…locking teenagers out of their social groups is about as cruel, barbaric and harmful as it comes. He truly is revolting. Let the tipping point commence!

  5. Great bloody speech mate . . . HIGH ENERGY !!
    I'm in Tassie so couldn't be there, but after watching the rally online (especially your speech) I walked outside and yelled out a 30 second war cry.
    Neighbors probably called the fuzz 😛

  6. Listen
    Those in charge have realised that you are all plugged in to a circuit that has been created
    Just like roads ,now on a circuit you have regulation through various means
    Timers ,contactors ,resisters ,gates etc
    When they get you plugged in satisfactorily then they can adjust the circuit to totally control you
    This is exactly what has been done
    So you are human you know and they will take your humanity away as you will not be in control ,you will be as a drone
    Like remote control
    That is why you must unplug from this
    Horrid circuit being thrown upon you by this tech being introduced by government
    If you do not you will be a shadow of your former selves

  7. So good you are spreading your wisdom. I've only discovered your channel a few months ago. And as I've said before, I always grow a few new brain cells when I watch. Although I don't agree completely with everything I can be in the conversation and get the logic. That's what the society I want to live in is about. Thank you

  8. In every society revolution happens by 6-10% of population. I believe Australia is on the verge of colored revolution against the elite. But there must be some accountability trials for these premiers and health bureaucrats

  9. Child under 10, died yesterday of Covid, while many marched for the right to spread it to those who can’t be vaccinated
    Freedoms have costs, child deaths is one covid deniers choose!

  10. All the News reports are only about how Aggressive protestors abuse those in official capacities, Nothing about numbers of protestors this sidelining should earn the news corps loss of profits.

  11. for every one person who turned up there are 5-10 +++sitting home peeped that we can not be there for many reasons –thank you all who attended–yes we will remember who did not support the people

  12. You should be on Melbourne radio and replace the con men on 3aw. We want honesty, we want truth. They line up to get on air to spill corporate lies….and then guess what?….they're payroll continues.

  13. Topher, my brother Truth Seeker. I was privileged and honored to hear you speak at the rally on sat, it was you that made us roar with your words of truth! Legendary.
    I can't wait to watch it again. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  14. I get how you’re feeling about the amazing sense of freedom and liberty just from attending one of these rallies I was at the rally the week before and it was wonderful to stand with so many people standing up for our rights. The funny thing about Melbourne is we do take a bit of time but when we have had enough and we want to fight we are the most LOUD and PROUD people you will come across. I was so proud to stand with my fellow Victorians that day and this is only just the beginning 🇦🇺✊

  15. The state newspoll that was published in the Australian was based on 1029 respondents from an online research panel. According to the methodology statement published on the yougov / results / apc website, after rim weighting for age, gender, location, age and education they were left with a sample size of 754. A further 9% of respondent answers which were "don't know" weren't published. 2PP were determined using historical preference flows. There's 88 electorates in victoria which, if you do the sums, works out to be ~8 respondents per electorate. The statement only mentions location as a weighting factor but not electorate so it's hard to see how accurately it reflects the opinions of all victorians in each of the electorates which, on average, have ~70000 people.

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