We Are Using Ukraine To Do WHAT?!

The award-winning journalist Aaron Maté, explains why peace talks were stopped between Russia & Ukraine. Additionally, how the US is using Ukraine to weaken Russia without a direct conflict. #Russia #Ukraine #War
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The goal is to weaken Russia? Hahaha, it is amazing how patriotism blinds people even to those that dislike their own governments. The same story types have been used for decades of not centuries. One day people might wake up. Perhaps the US – Euro tyranny and enslavement thought taxes (and silly healthcare prices healthcare for US) seems freer for the moment as we can have free speech up to a point. Meaning we are allowed to complain if that is all we do. 🤫

  2. Well it's not true we can't win war .There are some limitations other countries put on us to make this war longer But people have enough motivation to protect their homeland !If we got more weapon that so needed it could be over much faster . We don't need Russian lands, just piece !
    And Thanks to everyone who supported us till now !!!We love you!

  3. History is repeating itself. England did this exact thing with Poland. Germany and Poland were in active talks to cede Danzig back to Germany, along with other territories to the east (essentially Prussia), prior to England derailing the talks to start WWII.

  4. What was the deal? I will make that decision whether a deal is meant, period. I don't take anybody's word just because they say it … So I don't believe you. And fuck Russia and fuck China. My Imperial plan is better and is not to be questioned, for I am guided by a higher power. And don't you ever think that I don't care about the Ukrainians because I consider them to be my brothers and sisters; in fact, I may marry one of them I don't want her family to be under Putin's thumb. And don't worry bud, I won't call you to be on the front lines of anything, you woke bastards. You wanted my attention now you got it. And by no means, are the Ukrainians of any type of Cannon fire. And yes, I know what that means but it's all the same. meaning. What is wrong with you idiot? … You know what's going on but you won't say a damn thing, you keep quiet like all the cowards. And fuck that idiot because I'm using my heart and none of this is contempt to the world this, is stability to the world. If it wasn't for us and me there would be a great deal of wars that would amount to even more deaths. Do you continue to want to have your job and live in somewhat luxury – this you do this is the deal and real life and real stability, and don't look at some utopian dream that does not exist and has never existed. Do you not know anything about history? … This is how you create stability and corroboration throughout the world, if not this way, let me tell you what, you hate war so much but you'll see war's bigger than you can imagine. This is stability bud and you can only build it through Empire. And let me tell you, you guys talk about peace all the time but the real world doesn't allow peace all the time because we would not be in this situation, now would we? And let me tell you something else about the real world bud, I'll use those fucking Nazis. They fight like a motherfucker and then I would instruct the President of Ukraine to either sway their dumb and ridiculous idealistic beliefs and channel and into a different direction or they're out of the Military Once the War is Over and Won with. To kick them out of the military at this point in time would be ridiculous and suicidal for they have a cause to die for other than freedom… Once freedom is obtained and out of Putin's thumb then we will deal with them appropriately but they are not to know that. And don't think any harms gonna come to them, we just want them to change their ways afterward because nobody appeared in this world as purebloods. I'm not a pure blood and I don't care to be, I'm educated and a constant academic. And I even have Jewish blood running through my veins, the best blood, as far as I'm concerned, from king David, Maybe. So fuck him, he could stay last in line for all I care. I'm not calling on him and I wouldn't call on him for nothing. He can go home and play with his damn all he wants. And how the fuck could there ever be a peace deal in May when the war was barely getting started? … Putin thought he had the upper hand still, around May. Besides, what the hint does a hint mean? In this context it means speculation.
    Your Grace and Majesty, Fernandø Barela ✴♕❀

  5. these guys are scraping at the bottom of the barrel of agruements to justify an agressive power invading a democratic, western oriented and sovereign nation. So much for 'independant thinking'.

  6. Politicians would do a deal with Satan himself if it furthered their cause. A committee meeting in the UK Parliament to consider a petition for the UK to be neutral in the Russian Ukraine ‘world war’ was thrown out because they considered Russia to be the aggressors despite the USA and the EU and NATO all seemingly pushing Russia to respond to their provocation over territorial dominance. And yes, The UK is a lackey of the USA in global politics, why?

  7. The real truth started at 10:04, but this video ended at 11:09. Perhaps you might consider the mere possibility of better off letting Arron do it for you, Russel, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything.

  8. These American politicians do not ever hide their motives. What is most frightening is how many folks do not see these plans even when they’re laid out before them. What other purpose is there to get involved to the degree we have, buying weapons that we do not have the money to send?

  9. Sulsol kasi yong Pangulo ng America isinasabong ang Ukraine sa Russia. Uto uto naman itong pangulo ng Ukraine nagpapadikta sa Pangulo ng America.

  10. From what I’ve learnt post-pandemic, Liberals are pathologically immune to logic and the post modern narrative reduces truth to a relative claim. Providing that enough support is garnered via social media, facts don’t matter, ideology does.

  11. No their aim is to launder money. More money has been pumped into the Russia war already than the whole Afghanistan war, and for what? It's a massive robbery.
    The same as NASA, hundreds of billions of dollars maybe even trillions for … Some video.
    It's all just one massive robbery.

  12. The U.S. people and Russian people historically get along great, but the U.S. government and Russian government never really get along.
    The U.S. people and The French people generally do not get along, yet The U.S. government and The French government have long been bosom buddies.
    Representative government?
    The U.S. official narrative is that "we stand with Ukraine" all of a sudden.
    A few years ago a mere phone call to Ukraine constituted Russian collusion from Trump.
    What does Trump have to do with Ukraine? Because they said Trump was racist, that Trump was mentally unfit, and that Trump would bring the world into WW3.
    Biden after a career supporting racist legislation like Jim Crow, and stating overtly racist things, Biden is now mentally unfit, and has brought the world to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.
    This doesn't even consider the money laundering through Ukraine that still currently is being used to influence / finance Democrat candidates in U.S. elections, the crimes against humanity this needless war mongering is causing, nor the conglomerate influence profiting from the disarray across Europe thanks to this needless U.S. intervention that does nothing to keep peace, nor increase any resources, nor make anyone's life any better or safer.
    Not in Ukraine, Not in Russia, and Not in the U.S.A.
    Literally no one outside the globalist cabals benefits from the warmongering that has no end in sight.
    People of the world need to recognize that conglomerates are foreign insurgents.
    Governments are criminal mafia organizations.
    Conglomerates need to be kept under threat to ensure peace, and governments need to be under constant trial for every act they undertake.

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