We Aren’t a Country, We’re an Economic Zone

Brokenomics Q&A

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  1. Wait, Wait, wait, and waiiiiiit….you mean to tell me…that our glorious overlords when they talk of "trickle down economics…."
    Is essentially an uplifted khornate oubliette where they "trickle down" our lifeblood drip by drip onto the frenzied savages below.
    Jesus its only if that hadnt been happeining to the rural countryside of the US, Canada, Uk, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Austrailia, South Africa, Brazil, Mongolia, Romania etc etc.

  2. I believe that diversity quotas are very harmful for the progressive cause. The army should be filled with straight white men only. After all, who do they wish to die? Black trans women? Because joining army means first of all risking your life and health. Why should we endanger those precious few that make up our glorious diversity? Let those hwite men die in their wars and let people of color to run the country without their interference.

  3. Well we warned you, you told us we wore tin foil hats… I'm lucky. I'm at the end of life. if you survive what they've set in motion, your existence will not be happy one little bit. Last chance!

  4. Hello from Economic Zone 18, We have this problem developing:

    "In 2018, 49 percent of households headed by all immigrants — naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants — used at least one major welfare program, compared to 32 percent of households headed by the native-born."

    "Among households headed by non-citizens, 55 percent used at least one welfare program. Non-citizens in the SIPP include those in the country legally (e.g. green card holders) and those in the country illegally."

  5. The social experiment policies have taken over the leadership of the US armed forces… along with the government's preferential treatment to the droves of 'migrants'…

    And even the Secretary of the Navy(?) said 'we can fund the navy OR we can support Ukraine'…

    Oh and just remember… "Nationalism is bad and toxic…" because reasons…

  6. Im willing to die so that people with no cultural or historical relation to me to flood my area and drain all the government resources. I'll also lay down my life so academia and media can continue to teach children to hate themselves for being a certain race and to not have children for the planet's sake, and to take away all personal freedom of travel and create a surveillance grid where everything you do is in a permanent record. I'm also willing to die so corrupt DA's can release murderers into the streets to kill more innocent people and house migrants in luxury hotels while veterans and the downtrodden live on the streets, and I am especially willing to die to that my own race can become a tiny minority that is hated by everyone and tens of millions can come from anywhere in the world to take my place. – said no one ever.

  7. I think the advertising industry has been taken over by idiot woke children, who are mainly concerned with trying to change the world, and, in the process, are accelerating the destruction of society.

  8. The only thing worth fighting and dying for is your immediate and greater family, ie your people. Just because someone has the same arbitrary piece of paper as you and happen to now live in the same region as you, that does not make them your people or a member of your nation. The definition of nation is- a body of people with common decent, history, culture and language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.

  9. I'm a stranger in my hometown and especially my workplace, it's almost entirely foreign workers speaking a foreign language – I'd never fight in the army for this country, all it's done is take away and ruin our heritage.

  10. As much as I wish I joined the military when I was younger, knowing I never risked my life or sacrificed it. To push degenerate ideals like the scottish gender Bill shows me never signing up was the right call.

  11. Isn't the end of Nation States the desired outcome.
    When a young man joins the army there is no in depth moral whatever running through his head, he sees a challenge, and then gets directed (brainwashed) into hating anyone he is told to hate.

  12. If England did go to war the English would be conscripted (because no volunteers) and the foreiners would be left behind (or flee) to reek havoc onto the remaining population of women and children. Instead of heroically defending your birthright it would be the last suicide of a country/culture because the men left to fight for it, there would be nothing left on their return.

  13. This is how I've felt about NZ for the last 20 years, Prior to that yes I would have gone to war to fight for my homeland.
    But now no. Because its not my country, Its just land that is rented out to various people. I don't feel like we're New Zealanders anymore, Just transient renters.
    Now for the right ideology, Yes. And I would gladly do so alongside people of any race so long as we shared the ideology.

  14. I would be willing to fight for my country, Australia, we all fought so hard to create "Australia"! I would never recommend we volunteer to support our supposed "allies" again, we are no longer a British puppet colony, and what has America actually ever done for our benefit!? We are the last resort for much of the world's war victims and survivors of cruel abuse, we would protect their right to live here in safety! 👍🫂🇦🇺

  15. I’m all on board hating on modernity etc. But those WW1 British posters were so cringe too it’s mind blowing. First they look the same as the Germans. Second the way they write it’s like cringe from 100 years ago. Sheesh. Especially since we know now it would have been better for the enemy to win. Considering where UK is today.

  16. They keep saying they need more men for the army, well there are 40,000 men of fighting age crossing the channel, conscript them for 10years with the promise of citizenship at the end of their service, send them aboard to serve as garrison troops and peacekeepers for those 10years and with luck they will desert and go else where after that or be face with with military punishment for desertion

  17. 6:40 can we get a fact check on this? Simon Webb has repeatedly evidenced that the people from the west indies weren’t “invited” they were unemployed in their own countries and paid their own way to come here looking for work.

  18. It is interesting to see the picture of Australia with the name changed – it has had various names over the years since we Europeans found it. Not sure what the locals called it if anything.

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