We can never trust Liberal, Labour or the Greens ever again!

The United Australia Party continues to speak put on behalf of Australians who have been manipulated and coerced by thr current Australian Government’s Fear and intimidation campaign. This excellent TV add has already clocked up more than 1 million views in the first 24 hours!

Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. Vote for UAP, Vote for GAP, Vote for ON, Vote for Australia One, vote for independents, leave Liberal, Labor, the greens and nationals off your ballot just remember guys you choose where your preferences go!

  2. From what I understand there is a new quantum financial system (some refer as GESARA) that the banks have switched to, we just aren't privy to it yet) and part of signing up to that was for new govt with new structure ie new constitution, especially as queenie and charles are dead and there is no Commonwealth anymore (so our constitution is basically null and void). So if banks appear to collapse like Lebanon, try not to go into fear, all will be well.

  3. 100% – All Aussies of all creeds and colours, get on board educate yourselves and put an end to their hegemony by giving rise to true freedom for everyone.

  4. Simeon have you ever in any form received money from Clive Palmer in anyway which includes through other people? Sorry but I need to know a little more about you until I can continue to support you. For me this is a serious inquiry and not designed to offend or any other reason. I would appreciate if you would reply.
    Thank you

  5. Never trust the Green Party simple as that, the Green Party In Ireland are decimating the farming community with there shit decision’s,price for petrol is going up and up.🤷‍♂️🤬

  6. I joined UAP a few weeks ago. At 66 years of age it is the first time I have ever been moved enough to consider joining a political party. Something needs to be done to get this country back on track again because we are totally up that creek without a paddle at the moment. God help us all. And she may have to because Liberal, National, Labor and Greens won’t.

  7. craig kelly is pumping his little ad like its the greatest thing in the world
    with 250 million dollars, they could have ended this nightmare yesterday by setting up unions to unite all the workers fighting the mandates and implemented industrial action

    they could have filled the courts with so many cases, the judges would have no choice but to deal with it

    they could have created a well coordinated media campaign for whistleblowers and to bring down sitting politicians with dirt

    but the only thing that matters is "vote them all out at the next election"

  8. Sorry to say but can’t trust anything Clive palmers got his hands on took him 3 years to pay Queensland Nickel workers there money he owed them

  9. Operation Lockstep. The 'Rockefeller Playbook', Klaus Schwab, the global reset and depopulation. Basically the ushering in of a new flavor of communism – you'll own nothing and be happy – for the 99%
    while a few select 6uild_6ack_6etter families enjoy unprecedented centralized power, untold wealth and freedom, protected by a monopoly on violence via their armies of heavily armed psychopaths in uniform.
    Phase II of the plandemic will be illnesses and death due to 'antibody dependent enhancement' but blamed on the unvaccinated. 'Antibody Dependent Enhancement' takes place over the course of repeated booster
    shots that replace the body's natural immune system, basically creating legions of 666pfizzer zombies lining up for their next "boost" The same lying videos from CCP sleeper agent Xiden's USA:

  10. That Jordies fool is saying don't vote for Craig Kelly/Clive Palmer. Being a typical leftist, only about 20% of his ramblings are actually valid while the rest is some twisted alternate reality. No-one cares what CK/CP said or did. What matters is what they're saying today. And it's the direct opposite of both Labor & Liberal. CK/CP are the best chance to make the Laberals unemployed. Maybe they won't follow through. But the alternative is… no alternative.

  11. Actions speak louder than words, next year federal election, do not vote for any party which has brought this beautiful country to its knees! Aussie Cossack for PM!

  12. You cant trust anyone of the political parties, the minor parties are controlled opposition. The entire system needs reform. From finance to politics to media and all the institutions. Democracy is the breeding ground of marxism.

  13. Yes, but can you trust the electoral vote? That is the question. Unless each person signs a statutory declaration in writing, on a tangible piece of paper as proof that can be traced and proven then archived as stated by Riccardo Bosi, your vote on that ballot paper may mean nothing.

  14. Simion, I would through the Conservatives in with that crowd also, I live in the UK under Conservative governance and as far as I am concerned they are all the same cheeks of one arse hole mate