‘We Cannot Keep Ignoring This Problem’: Rand Paul Warns Of Debt, Spending In Town Hall

In a visit earlier this month to Butler County, Kentucky, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned against high government spending as Democrats continue their attempt to pass a $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget.

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  1. The Dems would just have us end them our Paychecks and then they would send us back what they think we should have. Well, screw them. The. Fed Gov wastes just about everything they have. As 50% or more of the public pays nothing? Flat tax please. We all pay a portion based on gross. That’s FAIR!!!

  2. my dude…you obviously aren't smart enough to understand this, but when you look at a virus you don't only look at the death rate, you need to look at infection rate, so when we have a huge portion of the country not getting vaccinated and the infection rate being that high guess what…we get a new version that the vaccine is less effective against, this is basic shit it's not hard to understand, there are more reasons but that's just one of them, i don't know who this guy is but he is so stupid, also natural immunity goes away waaaaaaay quicker than the vaccine.

  3. Person #1 is not immunized and so is more at risk of spreading new variants as they have and will continue to appear than an immunized person. Even a person who has built up antibodies because of a history of COVID disease is not as protected against the variants as an immunized person. Person #2 is an adult and is immunized but has a weak immune system due to being in therapy for breast cancer. Person #3 is my child who was also diagnosed with cancer and is in remission. Person #1 does not wear a mask and has touched many items at the grocery store. Person #1 gives COVID to both person #2 and person #3. Person #2 dies and person #3 is in the ICU. Where are their rights? If a person is not immunized because they believe an eye Dr. who does not treat infectious disease and they don't go by what almost every other Dr. who is a General Practitioner, internal med, immunologists, pediatricians etc. they need to isolate and not continue to spread the infection because of their superior intellect which tells them not to get immunized. No one wanted this virus but it is here. We were not given a vote if we would allow this virus to come in and disrupt our country and loved ones. We all have to step up and protect our neighbor. This is what caring people do. The vaccine is safe. It boggles my mind that people want to be popular and brag to like- minded people they did not vaccinate. A new influenza virus vaccine is created every year. It varies depending on what virus strains are present in the world. People take that vaccine without blinking an eye but for some reason will not take the COVID vaccine that probably has been studied more than any other vaccine. Please get the vaccine. It might save your life and the lives of people that would be devastated if they lost the person they love so much. Not one of you knows who in your family may suffer and die alone. We're not asking much. This is from an RN who has seen the devastation over and over. Overcome family members collapsing in grief. Don't believe me…call your Doctors – all of them. Tell them you just want to get their opinion on the vaccine and then thank them and tell them you are thinking about getting it and will call for an appointment when you decide. Or tell them you are calling for an out of state family member who is unvaccinated so you are not calling to make an appointment, just needed some information as their family member asked you to call to help her decide.

  4. talking like a Doctor… he does not explain how variants develop & how an unvaccinated can infect… only talks about the selfish attitude that lthe unvaccinated & Covid Survivors may not be infected… maybe it’s luck or others have died already… anyway, hope it doesn’t catch up with you or you might eventually have your Full Freedom 🙏🏻🎚…

  5. I hear all about what the problems are but no suggestion to solve. Why has everyone laid down and died while the lefties are destroying the country so fast we don't have to to let this happen much longer or America will no longer by America. We will be little russia or little china. or how about a third world country name loser america.

  6. Powerless Republican, might as well be a youtuber talking shit about Democrats. Has no power. Has no influence other than what they can make you believe. All while playing their own parts in the tackle of America. Good cop bad cop. Even though Freedom is the Majority, they pretend like there is a majority of Americans just taking away our freedoms. They locked you down. Then they tell you that their is a mass wave of LGBTQ crashing at your door.. When in reality its just them crashing it at your TV screen and you're suppose to believe America is crazy. That's why they had to lock you down and make you afraid to go out. Republicans are in on it playing good cop. This is a game… To take you so low without you picking up your guns. It's political Jinga. How much can you take away before everything crumbles and they wake up to fight back….. Both parties and playing us. Spam this message and wake people up to reality of both parties joined in then destruction of our great America.

  7. The COVID-19 is natural and it keeps mutating to survive. Poor people in China boil rats and bats for meals. Secondly the Senator did not prove that the USA labs can manuacture a similar coronovirus; it was not made in a lab. If the USA can make an artificial virus, then his theory is possible. Rand got to stop saying "IF" and produce the USA artificial lab COVID-19 virus. Rand needs to fund vaccines against all pathogenic viruses, fungi and deadly bacteria.

  8. When is a vaccine not a vaccine? When it's mandated and implemented by the state? The problem is no one goes to church any longer and most don't believe in the Words of GOD! Jesus, oh that's that funny little man who died on the cross? Jesus was considered the last sacrificial lamb, up until that time the admonishment of sins was carried out by blood sacrifice! Up until that time all of Humanity was lost and condemned to the bottomless Pit! A lot of people exclaimed that was set up for the angels, which we are the fallen! Some and most with power want to stay in this world of decaying flesh, where no one will be brought, Hight! These people are the controllers of earth and want to thrive here, forever! Have at it! Never return to the center, for at that time judgment will be brought upon them, and all of us for our action! Most people reading the good book will try to understand the implications of the word, but most think they have to tell you when something they're doing is atrocious, and keeping with their action justified to the serpent! As single individuals, we will not be able to stop this, because its' been foretold! GODs in charge and will ultimately see this to the end, as it's is written so it shall be done! Not even the strongest person on earth will turn back the tide, for now, we are here in revelations? Which Ultimately means to unveil the true evil behind things, where all will be brought to the light, which is happening even now!

  9. Are these people dying from COVID or with corvid and other symptoms? Why are they trying to keep those that have bad reactiions from the COVID shot speaking out so every one can know the side effects of the vaccine. Why doctors are saying it's in their mines when they go to the Hospital for help and can't or won't explaine to the patient what is going on with their body. Some are cripple with excruciating pain in their body so much so it's disabling them. Only Satan takes choice away from man. God gives man free will to chose. We know who's running this system Satan. The Bible says he's the god of this world. But the God he created the heavens and the earth is God over Satan who can't do any thing without Gods permission. God has all power over the devil, and Satan's knows this.

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