We Can’t Let Them Do This

Mis-information and dis-information. Who should be responsible for deciding what truth we’re told?… We should leave that up to the Government, shouldn’t we? #misinformation #disinformation #government

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Nancy Pelosi's answer when she was asked recently about whether or not her husband has ever gotten any insider information about which stocks to buy, right before they're set to vote on giving billions of dollars to the chip industry, should have been plenty for everyone, on both sides, to see how corrupt she is, but of course that isn't what happened, the people who voted for her in the past, will continue to vote for her in the future, meanwhile, underpasses are completely full of tent cities and homeless people, drug addicts, etc… The corruption is right in front of your face, if you can't see it, you're either legitimately blind, or willfully looking the other way…

  2. I’m a little late watching this podcast and I’m wondering if you will be doing a podcast on what just happened with Trump and his family and waking up this morning and not seeing any comments whatsoever on the social media platforms that I follow I find that very odd

  3. Does burying the laptop story during the election campaign in the USA count as misinformation?
    I'm still amazed that nobody has gone to jail for election fraud.

  4. You use Lymbic hyjacking in every single video title. That’s frustrating, and makes your content to me feel a bit disingenuous given how you talk at the beginning of all of us waking up and beat the algorithms and whatever else, and less trustworthy in general. Would love to see any title to your video that Isn’t built off of fear.

  5. the very difficult thing is, many have to keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs, or in some cases even their own children, or their freedom. I fear eventually it will turn very very violent.

  6. Would love to see a video about who we can and can't trust in UK Gov. I understand your audience is more global now, but being UK based It would be nice to see this covered as UK still has a chance to be shaped also with the leaving of borris

  7. Before the system fucks you, you gotta fuck the system. For too long these politicians have been leaching off the working class. It's time we lock them up we lock their families up we take back their money we take back their lands and we erase them from world history. The elites have enslaved us for too long, We are forced to work just to live in our society. Don't get me wrong work is good for society but we shouldn't have to give them our time and then give them a 3rd of our paycheck as well. Most of us work for an elite, We are making them billions a year and they are still taking thousands from us in taxes a year. They heard us towards wars, But that's just population control to them. They keep drugs illegal and unsafe again more population control. They wanna take our guns and surround themselves with heavily armed guards. The human race is fucked, If we don't stand up and take the power back from these few families. Get off social media, Get fit And start actively trying to fuck these people up. That doesn't mean violence, that means shine a light on how evil they are.
    – Fed up human, standing on a soapbox

  8. Since I respect you and agree with almost everything on this show, everything you welcome your followers and I hear the number of followers rising, it gives me a feeling of solidarity. No matter what the media tries to tell us our fellow Americans are thinking or feeling, I know there are a lot of us listening to you, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Kim Iverson, Jordan Peterson… and we are making our own minds up, free of the manipulation of MSM.

  9. Nothing should get in the way of their greed. It's like letting a junkie burgle you while you sit there watching TV, & then nodding at them apathetically when they invent some BS excuse for robbing you.

  10. I believe you might be referring to propaganda. “A set of methods employed by an organized group that wants to bring about the active or passive participation in its actions of a mass of individuals, psychologically unified through psychological manipulation” – Jacques Ellul, 1962 definition of propaganda

  11. I got banned from the BBC's (sorry Mickey Mouse Clubs) Facebook group for saying I was not impressed by a transvetite presenter ….spank my arse with a big wet fish ….then ask yourself this question ….why bother paying a license fee ?

  12. The fact that the left has weaponized the FBI and IRS is the most Gestapo thing I have ever seen! They just raided a political opponents house for sheer intimidation and nothing else. Tell me why the Clintons was never raided, after destroying and wiping classified information from phones and laptops, or the Bidens hasn’t been raided for the contents of crack head hunters laptop, or all the shady Illegal deals they have made! This was all done to intimidate and scare all the political opponents on the right, next comes the IRS raiding the homes of political opponents then we will be next!

  13. We been fooled to think these drug company are trying to help people? when you have six, seven ,eight side effects in a prescription.. imagine the people that are taking three and four and five prescription how many side effects they're getting from all this medication? I personally a person that take no medication whatsoever I smoke! Russel I really enjoy watching you..thanks for being a genuine person!

  14. You say a lot of words but you don't say anything at all at the same time. Just one minute in and you sound like you say shit right? But, you actually say nothing of content. Because of this if have no reason to believe your any more or less then anyone else or the government and i'm back to where i was: I don't know what is true anymore.

    Scary thing is somehow other people do think you are saying things but you are actually not. ''Things that where true on monday but on tuesday where not true'' ? what do you mean? How am i supposed to even know what you mean? ''People said they had a vaccin on monday and couching their guts out by wednesday''.. ? SO?.. What does that mean? Why? In wich context do i need to see this? Is it a bad thing poeople are sick two days later? For what reason do you mean because it was the vaccin that caused this? Or maybe it takes a certain amount of days for the vaccin to work and its normal? WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING ITS NOT CLEAR.. Its not clear but SOMEHOW its clear to everyone else? And you know what i think thats because they just hear what they want to hear, not because i'm deaf. Its this same style of careless communication i see everywhere else meaning you are no different then anyone else but somehow talk about being ''awakened souls''..? what a joke..

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