We CAN’T let them get away with this vaccine cover-up | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Why are excess deaths so high right now? Soon we will have more non-Covid excess deaths than Covid deaths, proving that we did something very wrong during the pandemic. What is it and can we not do it again?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I did nothing they said to do … I know it was all BS and a huge manipulation specially when I heard you wear a mask for other people Stupidest statement ever right there I knew they lying and manipulating us by pressuring us by saying to do it for other people> All you face diaper wearing idiots you should be ashamed

  2. Actually a lot of us figured this out pretty quickly. For me it was in March 2020… and many others I know. None of us took the inadequately tested injections. You guys didn’t want to hear and your refusal made it possible for these measures to be taken. I feel angry with you for your chosen ignorance. It was very obvious for anyone who stopped to think for a second.

  3. I remember how in the beginning of pandemic some Northern European countries, I think it was Sweden and Norway, were implementing anti lockdown policies, for achieving the herd immunity with Covid. Though, not for a long time. Something must have bought them into a lockdown later.

  4. Without the release of those documents to back up what we're seeing with our own eyes, we'd still be facing a barrage of accusations and labeled anti-vax and comspiracy theorist.

  5. funny, 3 years ago a lot of "activist" type people would make picket signs to show how anti big pharma they are. You know, like pfizer who was fined 2.3B$ a decade ago. They would protest in the street against such an evil entity.

    now, because the media spun it for them as the "virtuous" thing to do (y'know, dont go outside to save gramma etc), they turned into unpaid soldiers of big pharma. hilarious, really.

  6. It is in the pre trial protocols.
    Women who were pregnant, planning pregnancy or engaging in sexual activities (contraception strongly encouraged or abstinence) were prohibited from trial.
    It's there in black and white, go read.

  7. I have parathyroid disease which I had quite moderate symptoms for going on a few years before COVID but it got really bad right before the first lockdown. They stopped doing face2face appointments so I was trying to get a diagnosis and tests while we couldn't actually visit the doctor. I got told by the staff on reception that I wasn't in the list of exceptions even though I was losing the ability to walk and all the bone pains and muscle pains. They even tried getting me treated by a physiotherapist also by phone! Obviously that didn't work! Eventually I changed doctor as one told me on the phone I had too many symptoms to deal with while laughing at me. I got a blood test done and they found I had high calcium and PTH blood levels and low vit D. (It doesn't matter if I take vit D supplements it stays low) and then they say ok so now it's serious. The reception staff still telling me I'm not important on the phone and then having to wait for a doctor to update them. Another year of waiting for a specialist and I'm on crutches half because my leg bones and muscles are in so much pain when I walk and half because I'm so fatigued I'm kinda dragging myself along. Can't go to far or I sleep for a week. Migraines weekly with increasing intensity and duration up to 7 days. Beta blockers starting to not work properly. Now testing is taking the best part of a year and I got told after the first main test I have a tumor in my neck. Now have about 2 scan appointments booked for next month and some in December. I can see my operation being delayed until next year at this rate. I want to be able to go for walks with my children and just to be able to do 5 minutes on my treadmill. I used to be able to do a long walk/jog/sprint mix on it between 30mins to over an hour on my best days but it declined gradually. I feel like I'm dying slowly at the moment. It's getting me down so much. Longer it takes, the more hope I lose.

  8. I think that YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other minions will have all their day in court somewhere in the future. Than they will cry like a baby and will say; " Wir haben es nicht gewußt". ( We didn't know) We know it already… do not let them get away with it. Ravens feed!

  9. And be particularly discerning regarding Dr. Campbell's information. His stuffed dog was wearing a mask until he could no longer hide the information regarding masks. Not to be trusted — has carried the narrative until absolutely unable to do so — due to reveal of the false messaging.

  10. Hey so i think we should chat about these clinical trials and bivalent vaccines. You can fond me on twitter or tiktok. Same profile name. I was told I should comment here by a follower.

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