“We Can’t Win A War With China” Says Military Expert

Is the United States prepared for escalating tensions with China over Taiwan that might genuinely lead to actual war? Former Defense Department advisor Col. Douglas MacGregor tells Tucker Carlson the answer is a decided “no,” and yet the United States seems determined to bumble our way into a confrontation we are woefully unprepared for and have no hopes of winning.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the latest brinksmanship episode involving Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and just what conflict between two enmeshed trading partners like China and the U.S. might entail.

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  1. I’ve slowly stopped watching Breaking Points. It’s turned into a progressive shit show. Just recently they gave praise to John Stewart to venting about the bill for the Troops health from burn pits. But the dems were just trying to sneak more massive spending in it so the Republicans shot it down. Then breaking points were just like let them put the spending in there it’s no big deal. They have both turned into jokes to me.

  2. Besides our “woke” Pentagon being corrupt and inept and the government stealing billions from the military budget, we have another big problem. China and Russia have hypersonic missiles that fly from 5,000 – 15,000 miles per hour. A bullet only flies 1,000 – 2,000 miles per hour. We can’t stop their missiles. Once they’re launched it’s just minutes before they hit and at that speed it will destroy a city like a nuclear bomb. We don’t have hypermissiles.

  3. Neither side in any war between two super powers in 2022. Technology is too advanced and weapons are too powerful that any such war will be catastrophic for humanity.

  4. The capitalist rulers of the U.S. are spoiled brats. They see the superiority of the collectivized and planned economy in China, the superiority of the nationalized natural resources of Russia, and all they can do is threaten and attack like spoiled children.

  5. All those out for war will profit in cash, BUT they won't fight in that war happy to send other's. Is this a reversed Cuba missile crisis were USA is playing Russian China playing the USA ???.

  6. Remember in 78 when Jimmy Carter stepped in and brokered a peace deal between Israel and Egypt? STEP IN DONALD TRUMP. Watch and see. Is it remotely possible that Pelosi's visit to Taiwan , was meant to provoke? The plan folks is for America to loose a war. How else do you get rid of a constitution? A constitution if lost brings down the whole world with it.

  7. We definitely are already in the position where war with China is inevitable. Covid ensured that, we just have the choice of where and when. I think now is actually not a bad time, its going to happen, if you didnt understand that when covid hit you still dont understand power.

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