“We Don’t Give A F*CK!! Why MILLIONS Don’t Vote For Any Party

The brilliant Glenn Greenwald explains how the powerful will do EVERYTHING possible to obliterate anyone who gets in their way…even steal your democracy!

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. That is what politicians like. Indifferent citizens who don't vote but are docile paying their taxes so that their money can be used to fund things that these citizens don't care about. So, pay up and shut up..

  2. Listening to people like Glenn Greenwald is what got you here in the first place. The so called experts! The day the political pundits and the so called media talking heads have to get real jobs is the day we may finally be free.

  3. It's all an illusion of choice.
    Every year the percentage of tax I pay out of my total income increases, for ever increasingly poor public services and lower quality of life.
    Covid has shown that the world is run by a central power and our politicians are puppets.

  4. Trump and Biden are polar opposites. One was grading, to some, but effective, Kept promises and made America better for EVERYONE but wasn't reported🙄. The other has trouble even reading from a Teleprompter and has been doing everything in their power to dismantle and destroy the country since day one😔

  5. How many people were called racist when they pointed out that black people came out in unprecedented droves to vote in the first black man? When it was Hillary's turn, all those voters vanished. A lot of people are owed an apology.

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