We finally have proof they we’re putting us on “watch lists”!!!!!!


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  1. I had 8 accounts blocked on Twitter for not saying nice things to Gavin Newsom in particular. Every comment them wanted me to confirm my phone number and then said I was banned

  2. Dude I agree on so much but you literally have zeronidea what you are talking about when it comes to the Ukraine and what Russia is doing and have been doing since the 90s basically as soon as the ussr collapsed they have been actively taking back sovereign countries

  3. What all of these things We're finding out about, especially with the corruption from the uniparty, is THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF US, period!? So whatever We may want, protest about, petition, send letters, make phone calls – ALL FALLS ON DEAF EARS AND BLIND EYES!!?!? THEY DON'T CARE. THAT is the problem! THAT is why they all must be removed at all costs, and I mean ALL COSTS!!?!? If I die in the process, so be it! I'll be PROUD to die on that hill. It's worth it if helps to SAVE AMERICA!?!?! 1776 FREEDOM!!?!!
    So will this put me on a watch list??? 🤣 See, I got NOTHING to lose, so bring it, fib, cia, whoever. I double dare ya!? Make sure you got plenty of ammo, though, cuz I ain't goin' anywhere with you. You'll have to shoot a defenseless old lady in the back as I make a run for it. Make me a martyr!

  4. I never forget back in the day my mother told me very concerned "This Gov don't care about their Citizens is a hidden
    Communism " and that was when Democrats were in control. I wish I could tell her how right she was.

  5. Biden & Obama commited Treason several times, so did the Clinton's & George Soros , the FBI needs abolishing & all criminals within it spend the rest of their lives in Gitmo

  6. If we keep talking about this stuff , and nothing changes and they do the same thing over and over again with no accountability does that make us clinically insane or just sheep? Whatever!! Please forgive me people.

  7. I have been following your channel since 2017 and have followed with great interest your work exposing the hypocrisy of the Democrats.

    Even though you have been wrong in some predictions such as Trump winning big in 2020 and a red wave taking over both the Senate and Congress, I agree with you in your analysis that the Democrats are harmful to the US when it comes to its national politics and that the rhinos in GOP needs to be purges from the party in order to bring about the changes necessary to make America great again.

    Having said that, I hope you can broaden your horizons when it comes to Ukraine, you are completely wrong when it comes to that issue.

    Firstly, it is not only the USA that helps with large sums of money to Ukraine, there are many nations that have understood the seriousness of the fact that Russia has declared war on a sovereign nation and cannot stand aside and watch wile Russia rape and kill innocent people and totally destroy a whole country.

    Secondly, you must try to see the historical parallels with Germany's attack on Poland in 1939 and what consequences it had, given that Italy and Japan saw that attacking other nations was completely without consequences.

    Yes, China is watching.
    Yes, its that serius.

  8. It's not that people don't care, we look to our elected politicians to do something and apparently theyre either bought off or scared off so what can a individual do , I would say not much if anything and they know it which is why they do because what they ask themselves, what are you going to do about it and the answer is NOTHING because we have no power to do anything , we're to busy trying to keep the electric on and food on the table which is getting harder by the day .

  9. At some point in years past America was hijacked by ruthless and evil people. We have become not a shining city on the hill but a sort of mafia state run by military contractors and globalists who work for a new feudal order. Our so called democracy is manipulated and increasingly irrelevant, so we can't change course through voting, it's a controlled sandbox that has no effect on policy. I am afraid that only some outside force can effect any changes for us or for the world. That is a terrible and fearful thought.

  10. Where is the list ?
    I have not seen it yet
    I want to know if my email or screen names are on it
    I think i was fired from my job because if they put on a terror watch list then thats why they came at me at my job and fired me over using “!!!!!!”

  11. One time I commented on something I can't remember what it was and I put on there that the person need to be hung or electrocuted or whatever state he was in he done something really bad to a little kid I think and when I put on there that he need to be hung that Twitter told me if I didn't remove it I couldn't get back on the platform so I just went ahead and deleted it

  12. I was put on a list the day they handed me my discharge papers. Im not sweating it…Either they try a Nacht Der Langen Messer, or they dont…if they do, I sure as hell dont want to me #1 man stacking on MY door. Probably wouldnt want to be #2 or 3 man either.

  13. The thing about fighting this tyranny is that there is a ginourmous mass of I estimate about 300 million morons that will actively block us because any change requires thought that they are incapable of.

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