We Found MORE Lost BLM Money! Huge Development!!


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  1. I ain't the smartest black man who grew up in the 'hood, but I never fell for any of this crap___going all the way back to the Towanda Brawly hoax. I'm pretty much a common laborer with some college. But people with doctorates across within every "race" fall for this nonsense over and over.

  2. Straight into the Democrats pockets of course! Remember all them wearing the African tribal colors and KNEELING inside the Capitol?! YEAH. Which was insulting to the actual African tribe, but they weren't kneeling for black lives. They were KNEELING FOR THE BLM/ACT BLUE MONEY! I STILL cannot believe people STILL donated after being REDIRECTED to the Act Blue website! SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! And on top of that, BLM Global Inc STOLE the BLM name/concept from a black man who started BLM Foundation FIRST then sued HIM for "stealing" the BLM name!!

  3. Anyone who fell for the BLM movement is a true communist, as their philosophy and mission statement is steeped in Marxism–they overlooked the fact that Karl Marx absolutely hated Jews and black people.

  4. Facts, just the facts.
    Hand over your Accounting Books, bank account statements, and as IMPORTANT what do you have to show for THE MONEY?
    Really sick of this racism cr*p.

  5. Did not the Floyd 'Family' state nothing received from? BLM.
    Then again, received 'millions' in settlement, Floyd Family.
    Wonder why Mr. Floyd not living at home with Family, trying to help his addictions.
    If incorrect, glad to hear.
    'Elephant in the room.'
    Pretty much.
    Plain and simple.

  6. The Meme, so true. They are your friend right up until the crush and consume you. Has anyone else noticed that Brandon Thursday speech the lighting and entire presentation looked like a Satanic ritual, Adolf Brandon needed only two flags with swastikas behind him to make his propaganda complete. FJB

  7. Pssst!…Don’t tell anybody, but trained Marxists’ REAL training is in embezzlement. They’ve known for years that their whole system is a stupid farce and the real point is to grab as much cash as possible without getting purged by a rival crook. Got it?

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