WE FOUND THE TWEETS! Joe Biden’s New DHS Executive Gets EXPOSED Literally On Day ONE.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


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  1. A channel dedicated to dividing people. The most unamerican thing one could do is destroy the country by dividing it's population because of infighting. The only strong America is a united America. Dedicate time to fighting for unity, not the easy way of hating on the other camp. All great leading nations in history were WIPED OUT because they disintegrated from WITHIN

  2. You still don’t get it. Your votes has no power in this government. They will destroy the economy and then China will come in and destroy half the people. We are next after Ukraine. They are already destroying the the food industry causing shortages

  3. I must disagree with you on only one point concerning using the ballot box to rid ourselves of these criminals: voting is no longer a guarantee of affecting the peoples' desires as the last presidential election has now clearly shown. I am hopeful that this will change, but I'm not holding my breath.

  4. Why do we no longer prosecute treason? You could practically pick out anyone in our government and make a case that would stand up in court. Why don't we do it. Treason is a crime.

  5. The department of homeland security needs to get off its ass and secure the southern border because people are pouring into this country illegally from taco land and a bunch people from terrible countries in central and south America are coming here as well and that isn’t good the browning of America is not a great thing because some cultures suck ass

  6. All this administration has to do is say "everything's fine", and that's what the media reports. We are done for. We cannot survive as a nation with so many evil people in power, and so many stupid, ignorant people supporting them.

  7. @liberal Hivemind Pleas dont use Jack Prob as a reference. Guy is filthy dirty, just as bad as Pelosi when it comes to insider trading. I think he actually made more then her.

  8. And they were accusing Trump of abuse of power Biden literally shits on the Constitution whenever somebody tries to blame Trump for everything they are guilty of doing and it's the Joe hoe administration

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