We Have Been Lied To…

I’ve been talking to the award-winning journalist Aaron Maté, who says it’s a market for the U.S. Having all these new states in NATO means that all these states are obligated to be up to NATO standards, buying weapons, predominantly in the US.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. " we live in a sociopathic Society"

    Well I'm glad somebody else sees it. That's the truest thing that I've heard this week so far. And more than likely it will be the most true thing that I hear all week long. We do live in a sociopathic society and it's more evident than ever. So she has coming out of the woodwork left and right every day non-stop harassment and targeting and bullying and it's everywhere it's absolutely everywhere

  2. Hi Russell! OMG! This kid! NOPE! And has he even checked into how our presidents have been elected all throughout history? I'm guessing not or he would be talking about everything in a totally different light. This kid is just that, a kid.

  3. For REAL!!! Open your eyes! Aaron is a complete libtard hypocrite sellout…(russ, you are no better living in you glass house). The Majority of all politicians are elitist's, racists including and with no exceptions globalist scum like nobama, gore, clintons, pelousey, soros, schumer, schwab trudeau…..etc. They all have an agenda, CYA and take control! Sure, Trump is and always has been an American businessman long before entering into the corrupt world of politics, He knows how the game is played and naturally he would be looking out for his interests,…Duh?, and he worked the system, but his whole agenda was PRO AMERICA (MAGA). Look back at some of his interviews from the 80's and 90's when he was condemning political bad actors. F…cK subsidizing the rest of the world for corporate interests. He believed that we as Americans should be independent and self sufficient, what's wrong with that? (stop sending foreign aid to countries that hate us, like the mid east and china, which we do btw). Love it or leave it, plenty of places to go it you don't like it here. Sadly Trump was surrounded by traitors with their hand out, hence they were all bought and paid for, which is where we are at now. Instead of looking out for the best interests of the United States, politician spent millions of wasted tax dollars on trying to impeach Trump. People should be outraged! These worthless politicians should be stripped of their spoils and jailed for life.

  4. The reason Trump won is easy, we're sick of having no real jobs for the common person, we got sick of not being a self sufficient nation, we got sick of being to doormat for the rest of the world. It's like Trump was the ONLY politician who actually wanted to make America into the America it was when I was a kid. When my sad worked at some random factory, mom could stay at home and he made enough to support a house, and everything. OFF A SINGLE PAYCHECK. Not like how it is now, where mommy and daddy both have to work just to make it. And half the time someone has to work 2 jobs. I mean, that's the problem. As imperfect as Trump is, people want someone who speaks from the heart and not from a teleprompter. We're sick of the cookie cutter politicians. Pretty simple.

  5. Part of the agreement of the Berlin Wall coming down was that NATO would not expand past their current boundaries. NATO has violated that agreement 14 times with new countries added that border Russia…Ukraine will be the 15th violation… if it's added!!

  6. USSR finished but Russia keeped on going as military focused as always. What would be the current situation of all the former Eastern Block countries if they wouldn't have joined NATO? Invaded as Ukraine was recently. NATO indepently of the guns business IS a deterrent for Russian imperialism. In which side I want to be? Not with Russia as an ally.

  7. This guy sounds like an embarrassment he don't know what the hell he's talking about Trump was the best president we've had in centuries that wasn't stealing everybody's money and helping America

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