We Have To Keep Buying Russian Oil To Stop Putin!?! Says European Leader

European Commission leader Ursula Von Der Leyen was recently asked whether western countries should cease all purchases of Russian oil in an effort to punish Vladimir Putin and her answer was… interesting. She argues that Europe needs to keep purchasing Russian oil to prevent Putin from selling it for a higher price elsewhere. Yeah, that’s right.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the curious logic that leads Von Der Leyen to claim that the only way to punish Putin is to keep buying his oil.

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  1. The political compliance to their mentor of self destructive infrastructure of the EU is total catastrofe for their citizens ! Ukraine can not become memebr of the EU due policies that require homogene and stable nation in order to join union, I have no idea what Ursula Von Der Leyen thinking!

  2. Dump Politicians
    Never learn how to unite Europe as 1
    But be Donkeyism politicians:
    Living next to Lions
    Invite Tigets to protect Donkeys
    Ukraine is 1st Donkey

  3. You know,

    All that rhetoric of Putin having all this power to “overthrow democracy” before from Western Leaders, and now he’s actually flexing and they’re downplaying his power in the most ridiculously hilarious way.

    I swear it’s the golden age for comedians if you’re willing to have the stones.

  4. As a proud Chinese I'm just laughing my ass off at the stupidity and hypocrisy of the West! If y'all think that messing with Russia's economy is doing your head in then just wait till your potus comes for China cos your head and your ass will simultaneously implode and be living off of food coupons for decades to come in the US.

  5. Lip service to then do nothing.

    This was like.. we're going shopping.. oh.. what colour handbag will you have…. a very expensive one, made out extinct animal skin.
    Again, the rich talking about staying rich.

  6. The sanctions have enabled Russia to make more money by selling less oil. Meanwhile workers in the US are running out of gas just trying to get to work. Great job Biden, keep up the great work buddy!

  7. EU like'We really Stupid ……… Towards Russia ……… but We need Russia oil….. lol.. Not admit it he Won!…..
    Wishing they Control that gas…… Not so fast….. sounds like EU??
    Ego talking .lol……
    Guys…… this isComedy…

  8. When I stand as a sovereign being, as a master, as the creator that I know that I am, I respect and honor every experience, every aspect, because I know that they’re there to share wisdom. But the only way they can share their wisdom with me is when I’m owning my godself. When I’m in that moment loving and accepting and allowing all that I can be.

  9. "If the United States doesn't sell weapons to Saudi Arabia to murder it's neighbors in Yemen, someone else will!" Do you really want to tell the American worker that a Yemen child died from a French bomb? That's insulting to every hard working American.

  10. Trump "warned" them? America instigated this to force a split in business dealings with Russia and Germany. You think Trump was just clairvoyant or something and wasn't in on it? You think he wasn't in the room when the mechanisms of American empire was talking about it. "Oh hey Germany, that's a nice country you have. Would be a shame what would happen to it if you keep dealing with Russia for oil."

  11. New technology is on the way, small fusion lantern (a very small fusion reaction contained in a magnetic field which allows all the light to escape), lighting a very large industrial structure in a vacuum, lined with specially tuned solar panels, fusion, it's a piece of the sun. Cheap to build, very cheap to fuel and produces lots of cheap energy, solar panels in the brightest possible noon day sun, 24 hours a day, everyday of the year, in fact it would not be worth it to turn them off, except for maintenance and repair.
    Nobody going to be buying anyone's fossil fuels, why, fusion power so much cheaper and no waste carbon dioxide, just helium and some waste heat. They had a real problem scaling up fusion reaction and getting power out, problem solved, this only needs a tiny reaction and the magnetic field keeps the charged particles locked up and the light energy escapes to light those solar panels, well that's our energy problems and climate change solved. Now just have to think of a much more compact version of fusion power for space travel, using a quantum particle displacement drive.

  12. “дайсан нь тэнэг байхад яагаад тэдэнтэй тулалдана гэж? зүгээр л өөрсдийгөө устгахыг зөвшөөр.” энэ бол дайны дүрэм юм.

  13. Trumps comment was bullshit so they were right in laughing at him. His idea was that they should ship it in from the States instead… Across the Atlantic.The fact that they've gotten closer to his idea now says more about how pathetic they are than how Trump was "right".

  14. Putin is the bad guy for preventing Nazis from kicking the shit out of Russian speaking citizens in a part of Russia. That makes as much sense as Bill Gates investing in vaccines to save lives when we all know he thinks the world is overpopulated. The world is overpopulated with idiots.

  15. This is the cherry on top of the insanity that we are playing our little part in. Everyone is playing their little part in this comedy. If there were not thousands of people dying, it would be comedy gold, but since there are people getting evaporated from existence as I write this, I suppose it makes this thing more of a dark comedy. And of course YouTube is doing their part by making sure the carnage is pixilated. Way to go YouTube! Keeping it PG13ish, or something along those lines.

    I do have one question for anyone with enough patience to have read my long and tedious post: How many times do we have to take notice through yet another Trump "I told ya so" moment before the guy gets a little credit? I did not vote for him. I would not vote for him if he ran again because we really need someone who can actually bring this country bit towards the same page. It is something that we really should aspire to in the next election. And that is going to require candidates actually listening to what their constituents want and not what the party leaders who are 112 years old want. The government in America is out of touch with America and a huge part of the disconnect has geriatrics written all over it. Now more than ever in this techno-savvy world we are racing though, we just cannot have leadership that boots up their computer to the friendly WAV file kindly welcoming them and stating that they have mail.

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