We Investigated Our Local Hospital’s Gender Butchery Clinic. Here’s What We Found. | Ep. 1025

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Vanderbilt hospital is right next door here in Nashville, and so we decided that we would investigate their transgender clinic. Yes, they drug and mutilate children. But it gets worse, somehow. Also, Ron DeSantis is under criminal investigation for sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. What crime did he commit? None of course. And Don Lemon brings up slavery reparations and promptly gets embarrassed. Chrissy Teigen says that her miscarriage was actually an abortion and she’s just realizing it now. And in our daily cancellation, the Atlantic has discovered that sex segregation in sports actually doesn’t make any scientific sense. 

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. So if gender is so much influenced by social behavior…then why are we not encouraging normal behavior to allow people to fit into their own bodies? Is that not a more logical approach? Why must we be so deluded to lose everything we have for a bit of pleasure? Civilization will burn because of this cancer.

  2. We (the British) weren't so much weeping at the death of The Queen. There were some tears but it was mostly paying respect to her. And for those questioning the ceremony, that's just what we do. They're not actors, they're soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. Those ceremonies are hundreds of years old, we just haven't stopped doing them and we don't want to. The 8 soldiers who carried the Queen's 550 pound lead lined coffin were from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards and 11 days ago they were training the Iraqi Army in Iraq. The ceremony is part of what we are, we carry those traditions on and it's not an anachronism, it's old but it's also how we do things now.

  3. Does this sherif think he is calling their bluff.

    Things are about to get much worse,,,,time for all border states to round up their sheriff's and sue POTUS for human trafficking around the US

    Florida is not a sanctuary state,,,Florida has two choices,,,,be sent back home or to a sanctuary state.

    DeSantis is following Florida law

  4. I have to give old Joe some credit for correctly noting, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. I hear so many, including Ben Shapiro, incorrectly saying, “the proof is in the pudding”.

  5. I was given a puberty blocker in the early 80's bc I had "precocious puberty" and got my very first period at 5 or 6. The Dr told my parents that THIS WAS A ONE TIME DEAL and if it comes back it's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they can do or risk sterilizing me. While puberty blockers were a known and used medical intervention it was NOT GIVEN "JUST BECAUSE" and they knew FULL WELL EVEN BACK THEN IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE. Around 9 it came back at PEP BOYS OF ALL FREAKING PLACES when I was with MY DAD having a dang oil change 🥴 I WAS MORTIFIED! Luckily my dad was super chill. He walked me and my little sister over to pathmark grocery store marched me into the feminine hygiene section and proceeded to stare at TAMPONS 😳 THANK GOD for this older white lady who saw me melting into the ground lol she told my dad that SHE would handle it. Helped me pick my first bag of KOTEX PADS and took me to the bathroom and helped me get cleaned up. Apparently THOSE days and NORMAL people are a thing of the past. Well….if WE LET it happen anyway. I don't remember her name. She's probably long gone now. But 40 YRS LATER I have NEVER EVER forgotten this WONDERFUL WOMAN and tell the story every time people start that PUBERTY BLOCKER BS.

  6. There are spontaneous abortions. That’s the medical term for a miscarriage. A non spontaneous abortion is done, on purpose, to end a pregnancy that could have survived otherwise. So that chick is either really confused or really uninformed about what an abortion really is.

  7. I was in a Psychology program and elected to change my career path because I am just not mentally strong enough to fight against this ideology. It's even worse seeing how secular and dehumanizing the entire philosophy of the science is. I will remain an advocate for these groomed victims but it's really terrifying to see a professor speaking about voluntarily disabling a person (through removal of healthy tissue/surgical disfigurement and the application of cross-sex hormones) in a lecture on ethics. I'm afraid that just like with teachers, this is making the 'good ones' jump ship. But I'm praying daily for this nation, and praying that those braver than I am will stay the course and fight from the inside. I think the LGBT ideology and sex obsession needs to be studied without bias to observe just how much it has hurt people, and how it's intimately correlated with developmental trauma. But good luck getting funding for that. 🙁

  8. H committed the same crime as did biden in the wee hours before anyone knew. Shuttled illegal aliens to various cities around the USA without any assistance afterwards. There’s nothing illegal in flying people around the country if you’re paying. Too bad biden. If DeSantis gets legally harassed over the very same actions. Except that the few planes chartered to fly illegal aliens to cities deemed sanctuary cities, in the day the light of day. The old man biden must be brought up in charges he did it without consideration and fear if being caught. If each plane is one count then I’m sure biden will lie about how many planes or buses they used to shuttle illegal aliens to locations in many more cities than those from Florida. The forgetful old man biden will be facing life in prison without the possibility of parole.

  9. I can imagine a Combat Medic that becomes a life saving surgeon and they are being asked to do a trans surgery and they are holding back the urge to help unsubscribe the nurse or help that's telling them about the patient operation life subscription.

  10. Unfortunately over here in the UK there were many people also mourning over George Floyde… I was baffled why everyone was so upset over the death of someone simply because it made news due to the racist claims. I feel like England is slowly following in America's footsteps with everything that's leftwing

  11. I think i’ve seen cases like hers where the baby is not viable due to chromosomal issues, so they abort the baby before he dies in her womb without her knowing and cause her to get poisoned. I had a similar case in my first two pregnancies, it was what they call a blighted ovum (an empty sac) but very early in pregnancy where there was no heart beat found, so the baby stopped developing and i miscarried. I think in some cases the development carries on for a few months and then stops. If i were her, i would not abort and maybe do ultrasounds every few days to see if the baby is still alive or not. I am assuming this is her case. But who knows.

  12. Lemon wants the government to pay reparations which means you and me,,,,even though we had nothing to do with it and my ancestors come from Great Britian way after slavery was abolished. My ancestors hand are clean,,,pass reparations and I stop paying taxes all together.

  13. Thank you for mentioning the role of Britain in ending transatlantic slavery. At the time, in addition to the lives lost, Britain spent 20 million pounds on the endeavour. A debt so large in 1833 that it wasn’t paid off until 2015. Living Britons paid taxes to end slavery.

  14. YOu think that's bad they are letting everyone die to avoid extra costs… look up the deaths.. hospital's are no longer caring for people without INS.. literally letting them die in a room.. just watched it happen to my best friend.. no money no service!!

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