The Twitter Files – the unprecedented revelations of an enemy of the State, or the orchestrated distractions of a billionaire with extensive ties to government? Or worse still, the new Klaus Schwab? …I don’t like to pry.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Some might say it's time for a revolution… not a violent one a peaceful one with our wallets and votes. Stop subscribing to Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, Sky, Virgin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Use alternative search engines instead of Google. Then let's take over YouTube with positive messages. Until we all stop thinking with our wallets and giving all these corrupt fucks our money, we are complicit in our own downfall. Buy what you need and put your money in the bank. They will soon play ball. Dream to own a house too because they don't want that and have already fucked most of Europe as far as property and debt goes. The question is how prepared are you to give all the materialistic shit up!?

  2. I may be giving Elon too much credit but I'm looking at the sequence of events. Yes he has profited a great deal from government contracts but has always been huge on free speech. Keep in mind that he immigrated here. The USA is the only country in the world that has free speech granted to its citizens ( 90% people do not know this and assume countries like the UK do. They do not). Elon saw that Twitter was restricting free speech, bought it and is now proving what they did.
    He may very well have alternative plans for what he is doing but it seems to me that if we can keep free speech, we're much more likely to be able to keep our other constitutional rights.

  3. Ok so we got the receipt. Now I what to see people geting their ass held accountable for the actions they have done. Or else this is pointless. This becomes a games for the gallery if there is no consequences for the people that have done that kind crap. I will not yell hello before im over the river. Do come back when they are geting criminal charges.

  4. LIke everything else…conservatives were about 2 years ahead of this story. It's been happening a lot lately. When will leftists learn or do they truly not care as long as their people win regardless of how corrupt they are?

  5. Twitter accounts are still getting banned even with Musk at the helm. How is that free speech? What are the Twitter files going to do? Are people going to be prosecuted for suppressing information and not allowing free speech which is part of the Constitution? What’s going to be the end of this investigation?

  6. I’m open to him being whatever he ultimately reveals he is… here’s a theory in one direction: what if… he’s in bed with the government to bring forth these revelations SO THAT it can impeach Biden after the 2 year mark of his presidency is passed SO THAT whoever becomes the next president can legally run for two full terms after this two year completion of this term SO THAT the agenda of crashing and resetting the economy and balance of powers can shift in the favor of the government?? Just thinking through possibilities…

  7. The "fact" that Hunter never was charged with any criminal acts is another "fact" that the somebody's still mean more than the nobodies!? Why is that? Their sh@t still stinks! Their voice is the same right? Brains? Yet we stand by as a select few walk all over people!?

  8. At least….I know I’m not insane when I saw all this happening in real time back in 2016 and NO ONE CARED. I gave up on politics and accepted “we have to fulfill the books” and things will only ever get worse.

  9. What!!! Macron asking if our children will be protected! The psychopath is forcing the whole of France into poverty. Who’s going to protect our children from Macron is the real question. Ironically in France, narcissistic personality disorder types like him are called « pervert narcissist » I can’t think of a more perverted psychopathic, public figure than Macron

  10. When Biden walked down the “fenced in “ street during his inaugural parade PRETENDING to wave at his 81 millions supporters that didn’t even show up to celebrate and see the MOST popular president in HISTORY….we knew…..we all knew

  11. Talk about algorithms. I just made a comment about Elon on this very thing, almost word for word in the first seconds of this video, and here you come along. He boasts about were going in a good direction with EV, Biden, pushing for EV. Elon always saying how we need to reveal the government corruption, like Twitter, one reason why he probably bought it to point out government corruption by infringement of freedom of speech. Gives Trump his account back, can't believe it's come down to a social media platform to determine our date, God help us, makes the government look like the enemy but Elon doing the same work they are doing? Like I've also said before, the septic tank is deep.

  12. Elon Musk is the perfect example of why communism fails. You need money to push back against/fight against tyrannical elites. Preventing people from earning lots of money is exactly what tyranny wants/needs to thrive.
    (Also, they called Bari Weiss a "conservative" writer 😂😂😂)

  13. world governments not only create schemes that will control the population they also "hijack" them. I think just because Elon is creating these implants doesnt necessarily mean he has some hidden motive behind their use. The world governments and leaders in the WHO will try to hijack their use.

  14. Elon is envious of Klaus Schwab's influence and power, so he is preparing to replace klaus Schwab and will use any means to achieve this goal, even if it means to purchase a social media outlet for 3 times it's real value.

  15. Excellent analysis like this are welcome. Good job by RB! EMs business dealings are primarily interwoven with big gov-finance-tech so the daily limitations of human freedoms will be proliferated by this. EM supports more freedom of speech and at the produces a brain chip to be placed, than what is the gain?

  16. That seems to be some cherry picking as well as contradicting your past sentiments on the colluding/business with government.. seems you went soft on Elon in that regard.. summing it up as "business as usual" which one can also argue is the same for Biden's son, HRC's emails, Trump's corruption, etc etc… seems to me, like all else with crony capitalism, too much of something in the name of $$ or "likes" or what not, dilutes it..

  17. Elon musk still hasn't dismatelled the vip government portal for censorship at Twitter. If he truly was about free speech, this should have been on top of his list … but he still refuses to talk about it or put a stop to it. Also all his profits come from government subsidies. He is big part of the problem.

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