“We Made It Up”

An epidemiologist confirms some really important information we already knew but that the mainstream media refused to cover.

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  1. My father died because of these monsters. He became so frightened by his mainstream addicted brother that he received the first dose of the "cure" and passed five days later.

    I tried to stop him. 🙁

  2. Fights broke out, people were physically attacked, people arrested because of that 6 feet rule!!
    Again, as I sit here with BREAST CANCER that was allowed to spread because they SHUT DOWN ACCESS TO EVERYTHING MEDICAL UNLESS YOU HAD A COUGH!!! I wasn’t allowed to get examined, wasn’t allowed a mammogram, and by the time they were allowing scheduling to happen a YEAR had passed! Partly due to this rule!!! Couldn’t have too many patients together, or employees that close.
    What do I do with this anger? Seriously?! Just found out there’s more of it my body. I sit here figuring out how to wrap up my life, who to give things to, and not make anymore purchases for myself because what’s the point? And, figure out how to make my family ok, and who to give my cats to take the best care of them. And, they think it’s a joke. There’s tens of thousands more like me because of them, too, I’m not unique!!

  3. The bastards…. I’m heartbroken for all the loss that occurred due to hasty, inaccurate guidelines being drawn up. Heartbroken for those who had to die all alone, for families unable to say goodbye, for the destruction of small businesses, of childhoods interrupted, senior proms and weddings cancelled….

  4. Covid was "airborne" from the start, 6ft meant nothing except a cozy placebo effect to make everyone feel safer…kinda like gun laws to be honest. Nobody is ever safe from "crazy" or "determined"…laws, guidelines, or rules never saved anyone from either a virus or a psychopath…

  5. Welp is conspiracy theorists were right again … this will just blow over like everything else they do that’s corrupt and brought to light. The system and government is too big to fail

  6. I'm just sitting here dumbfounded how the masses not only swallowed their shit but jamp on others (many continue to do so) in an attempt to shame others who were ultimately stronger & smarter than them to not fall for government mandated medical apartheid. Church of Convid congregation is now firmly at the feet of Ukraine now though, the daily siphon for our taxpayers funds.

  7. These criminals are openly admitting to their crimes, it’s nothing new. They’ve also been gaslighting, and pretending to admit they were wrong, knowing that they’ve filled their $$$ quota.

    Wake me up when we stop repeating what they’re blatantly admitting and when these criminals pulled from their beds in the middle of the night so that can test gravity with a rope.

  8. Do you know what's the saddest part? None of the actors in this nightmare, politicians and activists, like the New Zealand president, will be accountable. None of them. Not a single one will face consequences. They even got promoted, more rich and powerful.

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