We March On – Things Are Building

27th Aug 2022


The energy was high and so were the numbers. Myself and many others have a feeling that things will grow from here, especially with the good weather.


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This channel does not aim to be a source of information or planning regarding protests or demonstrations.

Our responsibility is to bring coverage when Mainstream Media refuse to do so.

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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. When we choose love over fear we discover our true power! To comply is to uphold a lie.

    With our voices, we will bring back beauty and rid the world of tyranny.

    Creating with my Power

    by Frans Kuiper

    I’ve drawn a line in the sand,

    I know I must take a stand.

    I’m not free not to be free,

    I won’t bow to tyranny.

    I’ll never give my consent,

    I don’t trust the government.

    I believe in sovereignty,

    Politicians don't own me.

    I'm learning to use my voice,

    Not complying is a choice.

    Belief in authority—

    Is to condone slavery.

    I shall be silent no more,

    I’m singing to win the war.

    I have a moral duty,

    I’m here to bring back beauty.

  2. We always have a choice. We are not powerless victims.

    We Always Have a Choice

    By Frans Kuiper

    Born free to sing and dance,

    United in a stance.

    We oppose tyranny,

    Love is our currency.

    We are light, love and truth,

    Trust lost in voting booth.

    Klaus Schwab is pulling strings,

    We reject all he brings.

    Tyrants ruling awry,

    Us not free to comply.

    Freedom is our birthright,

    Superman’s kryptonite.

    Here is our Great Reset,

    Sovereignty without debt.

    No rulers from above,

    Replacing fear with love.

  3. To the beautiful people of Melbourne–thank you for helping to bring back beauty!

    Bringing Back Beauty

    by Frans Kuiper

    I am never free not to be free,

    I refuse to bow or bend my knee.

    I am not afraid to take a stand,

    Here I have drawn a line in the sand.

    My power comes from deep in my voice,

    What I say and do is my own choice.

    You do not own my body or mind,

    You lack empathy and hate mankind.

    You lack creativity and love,

    Psychopathy fits you like a glove.

    Your power is just an illusion,

    We want no more fear and division.

    We know that love is stronger than fear,

    We are growing in numbers each year.

    We are waking up to all the lies,

    We see more clearly with open eyes.

    Our power is bringing back beauty,

    Protecting our children a duty,

    Let’s dance and sing together as one,

    Turn off the news for we have all won.

    Send politicians to quarantine,

    Masked bankers will face the guillotine.

  4. Gratitude is the best attitude–it rhymes, so it must be true!

    In Loving Gratitude

    by Frans Kuiper

    Gratitude is the best attitude,

    Raise your frequency with amplitude.

    Everything is as it’s meant to be,

    Light, love and truth create harmony.

    We're the authors of our narrative,

    Noncompliance an imperative.

    We won't blindly follow any script,

    All is recorded in the transcript.

    Join us in taking conscious action,

    War and a virus pure distraction.

    Taking sides keeps us in the matrix,

    Media won't draw us in with tricks.

    Quantum manifestation the key,

    In this case one plus one equals three.

    The gift is always in the present,

    By the path of Love all shall ascend.

  5. It would be lovely, if you could please zoom in on people’s individual signs, when making your helpful videos? This would help us to understand better what they are saying…
    Thank you 💕

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