“We must bring on the criminal charges!”

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Filmed 17.09.22.

Written by True Arrow


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  1. So tell me – When elections are compromised – and it's no longer a democracy. The government and unelected officials are beholden to foreign criminals. And the people are so outgunned and disarmed (imagine disarmed people fighting a military) – How do we the people keep these bastards honest in 2022?

  2. Opportunistic/criminal traitors and bio-socio-terrorists (from both Socialist Left and so called 'Right') attempting to construct a medicated, totalitarian and openly UN-AUSTRALIAN state operated exclusively by corrupt public servants and other parasites.

  3. Hes controlled opposition, telling the sheeple to keep on voting..Preferential voting only ensures we get more of the same shit. Dont vote dont pay tax dont use bank accounts. Do learn how to use metamask and buy crypto from De-centralised exchanges. And no you dont need to have a bank account to sell your crypto for cash in the hand. Knowledge is Freedom, not what that shill is spruiking, dont fall for Propaganda.The reason i know hes part of the system?= No police and no police choppers around! yesterday aussie cossack spoke at a crowd 1/4 the size and there was lines of police, undercover police and low flying police chopp2rs trying to scare the crowd. That speaker is a zionist spokesman, keep away.

  4. The problem is the majority of people are not believers of God and when you don't believe in God you are not righteous and when you are not righteous you always follow the mainstream narrative.
    As in the days of Noah so shall the world perish again.

  5. The blank look of blissful innocence on his face in the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry when he said he couldn't remember what took place, should have sent a massive chill down the spines of every Victorian. We weren't dealing with a normal person, but a sociopath. And don't forget, the 800 vulnerable ones who died through his negligence. Please do not forget ever, and remind your children of this horrific stain in our history.

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