We need journalists to look into COVID origins and harms (from Livestream #143)

Journalists must pursue this

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #143 (originally streamed live on Sep 24, 2022):

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  1. Yes yes ….. a perfect analogy, we are in a journalistic dark age! The church of Universal Pharma will come for you if you vary from their narrative. Yet, the we are, the Martin Luthers of our day with the help of alternative media acting to part of Johannes Gutenberg putting this out for the average citizen to read and see WITHOUT the filter of the Universal Church. We decide, not them!

  2. one funeral home owner out of 250 in New Zealand has spoken up about the clots.
    the next day there was a hit piece on him in stuff,.
    our media's been paid off to cast dispersion on those who care enough to speak out.

  3. Why has not anyone addressed the videos that were coming out of the place of origin at the very ,very beginning ?!?
    I never saw what was filmed there at that time, happen anywhere else and I found that to be a red flag.

  4. Journalism is dead. A half dozen journalist’s couldn’t possibly tackle everything. What we are left with is full fledged propagandists for a single party and will go to any length to protect and promote their ideology. They are pushing one thing. “A” story not the story.

  5. There are so many databases on so many things disappearing. They don't want you to be able to figure anything out anymore. Housing. Medical, population, markets. They can't stop smart people so they're taking away the data!

  6. You guys should be appointed to lead a congressional commission charged with investigating the origins of the pandemic and the funding of the research that contributed to its discovery by the pharmacological industrial complex

  7. "indifference to the suffering of strangers…" … yeah, there is no shying away from that rigid finger clearly pointed to many , many people in the know and screaming "je accuse". Maybe in the future we will see some accountability indict the murderers.

  8. The greater the information processing capacity of a culture becomes, the more that culture can dissociate from the sentience of its host. In other words, yeah, it IS indifferent to the suffering and death of millions.

  9. Thousands of journalists have. But they aren't part of the advertiser and "philanthropist" funded msm, so that's that. Playing "what-if', or "coulda/shoulda/woulda" is a waste of time. MSM can't be salvaged.

  10. You still seem to miss or avoid the most obvious question/answer to the situation. This whole shitshow including all outcomes, measures and ALL harms were planned and deliberate to achieve all the nasty outcomes. They wanted to destroy the system in order to reset it. Schwab was clear that climate agenda was taking too long to achieve this. The shitshow enabled rollout of more censorship more top down control and much faster path to digital health mandates and social credit surveillance. Why did captured agencies take part willingly…because they were promised great wealth in return.

  11. Mainstream journalists are not going to unravel this catastrophe. Journalists are largely to blame. Journalism thrives on fear. Mainstream media loved the pandemic. 
    I live in Australia. At 11am every day during lockdowns, every TV in the country was tuned to the State Premiers frightening us with the covid statistics. It was on every channel. The slow demise of mainstream media prior to covid was reversed with what the media loves best: rising death tolls. The alternative narrative on social media was strangled by big tech (when it became politicized) and so the truth never had a chance.

  12. Journalists cant. theres no independent investigating, there used to be not anymore – anything that affects the boss, the main advertiser, or could end in legal action you never publish. as a journo you are hard wired to write for bosses – to make the boss' life easier. You never write anything that can affect the bosses bottom line, or that could create legal trouble. You couldnt even do youtube videos about COV without being cancelled, didnt matter if you were a journo, you were literally a vax terrorist remember how irrational people were, double masks, ban and lock them up – as close to a zombie apocolypse that i can recall. As a journo, you can not be visible, the mob will get you online. Theres never been a harder time to be an independent researcher or publisher. Constant risk of cancellation. No use being a journo if you cant publish anywhere – you got to tow their line. Drs have sweeping powers. You have no idea the absolute powers health professionals can whip out during a crisis – its like war times you do as you are told civilian.

  13. It is hard for me to believe that this would be from a wet market. Humans and animals have been interacting for centuries. Wouldn’t we have seen more “pandemics” in the past? I also don’t understand why countries aren’t demanding investigations. There are many countries that weren’t supporting the gain of function research, but who suffered the consequences.

  14. “Indifference and suffering of people world wide”. 😥🥵 The people are not injected, how much suffering and how long will un injected see and watch all others around us get sick and to point of death. ? I see people I know are getting cancer pop up out of nowhere and heart and lung issues. I’m only person in my circle watching this suffering and my family , my friend, my relatives all are injected. The people I am closely encountering in work, family and friends refuse to understand why I chose not to take the ab. I fear I will observe so much suffering illness around me. I’m a Nanny, I’m 62 and recently my boss ( two families nanny share and they are in medical field) they’ve just injected their two toddlers and infants. Suffering potentially is real. Under my watch I’m nervous these young children will get I’ll and I don’t want to be blamed. It’s really upsetting realize my four parents I work for and their children are all jabbed. I’ll see suffering pop up out of nowhere.

  15. We are all interesting in knowing, but why would anyone do this kind of work and heavy lifting for free? To publish it 10 years later when no ones cares or after their employer changes and their pockets dictate what to publish? I think its naive to wish someone looks into this for all of US. You must take the bull by the horns yourself if you want answers to your questions. I have learned this first hand in my own community. Once you find answers and have some success there will always be a line of people at your door wanting you to carry water for them as well. Always asking will
    you just look into this or that…And honestly, you will never give their issues the time and attention they feel they deserve because they are not paying you do to the leg work. You are smart and resourceful Bret! You should seek the answers to your own questions. You will be surprised what you discover along the way!

  16. Direct, blunt, and well articulated. The need to identify, arrest and remove all power from the large number of psychopaths involved in this human tragedy. Trials and Severe Punishment need to follow.
    Judging by the followup and punishments (none) of the late summer of 2001 incident.
    I have zero hope that anything about this will be revealed in such a manner that the PerpeTraitors will suffer any consequences. For anything like that to happen? It will require bloodshed.
    If killing and maiming tens or hundreds of millions of people won't trigger severe punishment?
    What will it take? I don't advocate for, nor do I expect that to happen. It may become necessary.
    In any case, I would prepare for it while you still can. In the United States.

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