“We Need To Back Off Ukraine” Military Leaders Tell Biden

Admiral Mike Mullen served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Obama administration, and is no weak-willed peacenik, but even he is now sounding the alarm about the danger posed by continuation of the Ukraine war. During a recent appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Mullen referred to Vladimir Putin as a “cornered animal,” criticized the bellicose rhetoric coming out of the Biden administration and said it was time for the U.S. to work all the harder to compel both warring parties to come to the negotiating table.

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how bad the situation has gotten when even a dedicated military man like Mullen would call for cooler heads to prevail in a conflict with a rival of the United States like Russia.

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  1. I had to close down everything,
    Had to shut down my mind,
    Azov men with dildos,
    Too much could make me blind,
    Joe Biden sniffing hair,
    Zelensky in his underwear,
    So many dirty things you wouldn't even believe,
    Dems will steal your cash for this,
    Sell their country out for this,
    Oh babe, then it fell apart,
    It fell apart…

  2. Lets go brandon said "No one fucks with a Biden" This is not something you want to here your president say. It shows a childish attitude. And I guess he would instigate a full war just to cover his family's wrong doings. What I don't understand is what is he going to do when he comes out of his bunker after a war? There will be nowhere to go because the planet will be desimated.

  3. I used to be in junior high school and the kids would make a circle around two kids who were arguing ….the arguing would "ramp up" with the circle of kids egging the two on to fight…. it was childish.

  4. Putin's restraint has given him the moral high ground. He gave them every chance to negotiate.

    Now this will end when Russia has completed it's SMO, which has now evolved to a CTO (counter-terrorist operation) with a main command.

    Russia hasn't even used an central command for the SMO this whole time. Now they have troops mobilized, Belorussian troops are also beginning joint ops in Ukraine soon; all with a CENTCOM with extensive experience in Chechnya & Syria.

  5. How people who complained about Trump could then vote for Biden just blows my mind. Personally, I've never voted Republican and now I never vote Democrat, but I would rather have Trump in office right now if the other choice is Biden. Trump is actually the lesser of two evils — wow.

  6. US media and the inbedded media establishment is calling this the worst period, vis-a-vis the threat of nuclear war, since the Cuban missile crisis

    Well, who threatened nuclear war during that crisis? It wasn't Nikita Krushchev or the Soviet Union. It was the US Govt under Kennedy that unilaterally escalated the crisis to the brink of nuclear winter. And on what grounds? Americans had nuclear weapons deployed in Turkey and Italy, that were a direct threat to the Soviets and they didn't have any deployments remotely close to the US mainland. Cuban nuclear missiles were supposed to be a counter to that. This was unacceptable to the US, cuz ever since the Monroe doctrine was put in place, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and all the sovereign nations surrounding these two water bodies were US backwaters and no one could challenge that.

    It was the hubris of the US imperial project that lead to that crisis, not the Soviet Union. Ironically we r seeing a repeat of that, with the constant expansion of NATO to Russian borders and unhinged hubris of the the US imperial State yet again 😐

  7. If Russia uses nuclear weapons, Ukraine won’t be the target. NATO bases and American cities will be. America has been isolated in the past by two oceans. ICBMs and hypersonic missiles don’t care.

  8. This is typical US hysteria. Putin has not said he would use tactical or any other nuclear weapons unless Russian territory is attacked or its nuclear missile system is attacked. He was responding to the US changing its first-strike doctrine and the neocons calling for the first strike on Russia. Even then Putin responded by saying Russia has more advanced weapons than the US by which he means the various types of hypersonic missiles against which the US and NATO have no defense and as we are seeing in Ukraine can be fitted with conventional warheads. So he was not talking about using such weapons in Ukraine unless NATO troops cross its western border and threaten Russia. The US CIS analysis warns against US leaders believing their own propaganda about Putin being an unhinged tyrant when in fact he is a very calm strategic thinker backed by his Strategic Council and the Russian population. So the danger is some Dr. Strangeglove character in the US will send a nuclear missile toward Russia and set off a nuclear war and so long as the Democrats and their warmonger backers remain in power this is a major risk but this time the US public should be made aware it will not be like the usual US wars that they watch on their TVs while eating popcorn but one which will also be fought in their country and not just Europe.

  9. Just like EVERY WAR it is oligarchs families that are at war!!! The Napoleanic war was a 20 million dollar bet that Napolean would not win. Nepolean did not know…

  10. They can't stop, it's the only way for the West to force a global economic reset. Putin is not going to sit down with Zelinsky, he knows Zelinsky is not calling the shots.

  11. I have never seen Russia be the one to initiate conflict/aggression, rather they are always reacting to the actions of u.s. or other govs. Some may argue whether their reactions are right, moral, or justified, but that’s irrelevant to my very simple point. Don’t initiate conflict, there will be no conflict.

  12. All this talking about nuclear war. Stop it already. Zelensky and Biden are pushing Putin with all the armoury of the media at their disposal. America has committed more war crimes than any other country bar none, and yet the prevailing ideology is that it's sticking up for liberty and justice. Jesus.

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