Whatever happened to the Nord Stream pipeline eh? Remember when bloody Putin blew up his own extremely profitable pipeline? Well, in an extraordinary coincidence, the US has now struck a deal to double its own gas exports to the UK. Almost as if that was the intention all along. Where’s my tin foil hat? #ukraine #russia #war

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The U.S is probably the most sinister and nefarious country in the world. It's almost amusing that we keep pointing fingers at Russia and China. When there's more historical evidence of America being up to no good around the world than any other country in the last 100 years

  2. The people who have suffered and died in Ukraine should be blaming America as much as Putin, as well as Zelensky for either being sucked in by America or for working with them. And I think we can safely say now that America likes terrorism, just as David Icke and others said many times in the past. Ive always felt that this war was part of careful strategic planning and I just wonder what pre-planned hell awaits us around the corner. It's been beyond obvious for so long now that the way the biggest and most dangerous superpowers like america operate is to lead others in to situations where they destroy themselves while they can superficially act as the heroes/good guys and clean up, taking more power and profit in the process. They treat the world as a board game and have absolutely no value for human life whatsoever, no wonder they couldn't care less about the atrocious suffering their companies in big pharma and tech have caused and continue to cause. Its hard to not feel like the major threat to humanity in the world is America and it's allies when you do proper research of the past up til now and follow the real news. No wonder the wests in such a dire state when we have phoney leaders who are psychopathic pathological two faced liars who deliberately cause the suffering and deaths of people like in Ukraine for the sake of their own self preservation. And no wonder the slimey Amoral Tories in UK are so boldly arrogant about the dsytopia and thousands of avoidable deaths theyre causing like with disabled people being wrongly thrown off of benefits (as courts ruled) and consciously systematically destroying of the NHS etcetc when theyre America's shameless little lapdog. I'm totally ashamed of my country the UK and I owe them nothing.

  3. UK could provide its own gas for 100years through fracking. Wouldn’t surprise me if USA was financing groups of so called green protestors to stop countries providing their own energy.

  4. RAND corp were also the geniuses behind how the South Bronx BURNED TO THE GROUND and looked like a demilitarized zone back in the 80s by deciding that that particular area of NYC did NOT need quite as many firefighters, police, EMS, Firestations, etc….. I remember watching a video, it should be on YouTube somewhere still, where the firefighters interviewed were all like "WTF?!"

  5. Are you an advocate for russian energy ? and why the anti-american sentiment? seems to me you have made quite a life for yourself in america ………. you sound like another right wing russian stooge…..

  6. ISRamerica has PROVOKED and STARTED every major war throughout History. Too bad MOST people STILL don't recognise it. " We defeated the wrong enemy "……..Gen. George Patton

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