We Should Be Very Concerned About This

Events in Ukraine have seen interest resurface in the business dealings of the president’s son with Ukraine, Russia and China. Is this yet another past “conspiracy theory” that can no longer be dismissed?
#Ukraine #HunterBiden #Russia


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This should have been out before the election, but the crooked media….
    The Biden’s have enriched themselves in the same way the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Bush’s, & all the other power & wealth brokers have. I’m not sure there is any way to resolve it. Swamp is too deep & wide. We are done for.

  2. When it's dirt on Bye Done and his family . It is called gossip and russia disinformation .when it is made up dirt on Trump . Fedaeral investigation . that gets nowhere . Maybe the investigation on Biden would be too revealing

  3. Most if Not all of the Government's around the World are corrupt & The problem is that nobody gets in trouble nowadays especially in the United States when there is corruption involved.. There's been Congress people that are completely corrupt and have been using Insider information to make money in the stock market which is completely wrong, it's not just one side of the aisle it's both the Republicans and the Democrats… We need to follow what Jesus said "Love One Another" !!
    We Need to Love Not Hate, Promote Peace Not War or We Won't Have a Planet for our Descendents!! May God Bless & Keep Everyone in This Comment Section Safe…

  4. corruption is the sale of power 2 the highest bidders – policy a reflection of the greed of the few. It bridges party lines & is a cancer in our nation. we choose destruction over progress w out realising it. it doesnt work. From Trump to biden it doesnt even matter bcuz those who can change things work for the elite few. we lost democracy the minute we passed a law that removed the cap on campaign donations & then gave our broken financial system the right 2 control it all in 1 form or another. The US is now #25 on economic freedom index. in fact we dont take top 10 in anything except student debt & as a tax shelter.

  5. These politicians and presidents in the US isn’t even elected anymore they elect themselves they pay these companies to make them the winner that’s a fact

  6. Attorney general Barr covered up for hunter Biden so as " to not effect the election". Barr= deepstate scum. Worked for two years, at one time ,in the CIA.Why did Trump put him in as AG.

  7. I LOVE that Russell pushes to clear the debate of unnecessary side topics. This was a great reminder to remain true to the issue, and I needed to hear that. It demonstrates his objectivity, which is very important to me as a viewer. I do agree with Karen, everyone knew very well what was likely to happen once Hunter was positioned as he was. The family has a history, Joe and Hunter especially. They knew what they were doing. If anything, to me, Hunter's non-political private life mirrors their attitude towards those Joe is supposed to serve. They clearly give zero f*cks what anyone thinks, they only care what they can do, and what they continue to get away with, with impunity.

  8. Unfortunately people's brains shut down over Trump. This allows complete dirtbags like Biden and Fauci to do whatever they want to them and they lap it up like mindless subservient fools.

  9. The thing that bothers me is that there is a big possibility that our tax dollars are being used by these people to make them rich! I feel they send our money to other countries and good a portion of it finds it's way back to their pockets. So sad and dishonest.

  10. I think it was Ricky Gervais who said, “when you're dead, you don't know you're dead. The pain is only felt by others. The same thing happens when you're stupid.” I’m pretty certain he had Russell Brand in mind

  11. Goverments need to be reset and their concentration of power has currupted them completely. The capitol, and other branches of goverment should be geographically seperated.

  12. Did you hear?!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST IN: Press Secretary "Ball Socki" just circled back and announced Biden will personally (Should Putin use Chemical Weapons) will personally fight Chemical weapons with chemical weapons…. He will donate his used dippers to airdrop on Moscow! A win win!!!!! Oh and side note, "Fudgy" Fauci with that announcement followed up with stating if in the vicinity of Moscow, must wear triple masks to protect yourself. Way to look out for us peasants! I feel so protected and loved by my Current Administration. I had my doubts, but Jillian gave me some cookies and said it would be alright, because after all look at how well she raised Hunter and what he became! I am a believer in Biden. I hope he is still alive and runs in 2024! Besides word out is if you vote for him he will send you a "Stimulus" I love this guy. Now I can afford ice cream and be just like him. xoxo LGB!

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