We Should Be Very Worried About This

An increasing number of digital products that monitor students’ online behavior are being adopted by schools in association with Big tech – so what’s in it for them?
#BigTech #Schools #Facebook #Meta


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Is there a problem with Th? Obvious good mind but it is three not free, otherwise great stuff, thanks. The problem with schools is alternative paths, each child is different and money can’t change that. Tech wants to help, generalizing is wrong.

  2. The pandemic led to social and emotional problems with children, huh. But Facebook censoring anyone or any doctor or scientist about the pandemic or the vaccine or censored, and I'm sure that didn't cause any problems additionally! I feel like this is April 1st April fools Day, but I know the asinine times we are living in with the psychopaths who want to indoctrinate your children, so I know it's true, just as being blatant just coming out and saying it. Kind of like that woman that came out and said, you know liberals on the whole don't have as many kids as conservatives but that doesn't matter becausethey have your kids to mold and indoctrinate into their beliefs, why you think they say parents shouldn't have the same school!, I've got some advice stop watching CNN and msdnc because they're lying to you playing simple

  3. Facebook would be the wet dream of
    Gobbels, the Zuckerberg is the alien , version of Gobbels, here to make billions , poison minds create disorder and eat children.

  4. That's cool and everything but y'all know you can just change your targeted ads, right? YOU ARE LITERALLY NOT REQUIRED TO TELL THE INTERNET THE TRUTH.

    I change all my ads to men's suits. I do this by ONLY INTERACTING WITH MEN'S SUITS ADS…. other ads don't get my attention.

    Please know: attention creates reality.

    Oddly enough…you can protect your attention by lying to the internet.

    We learned from Cambridge Analytica that data is worth more than oil.

    What's INACCURATE DATA worth?


    Go forth and lie to the internet. Which btw is conscious but we'll talk about that later lol :wish: <3

  5. I've never engaged with Facebook as from the start I recognised the serious concerns. Much better video today, I managed to feel engaged and watch to the end, I hope this continues.

  6. America has a Free Speech problem. Americans are losing a fundamental right as citizens of a free country: the right to speak their minds and voice their opinions in public without fear of being shamed or shunned. You can’t consider yourself a supporter of free speech and be policing and punishing speech more than protecting it. –The New York Times

    This comment has NO threats, NO "misinformation."

    Free Speech is a Constitutional right

    Censorship is unfair

  7. Public Education is Government Indoctrination. Unless you want your child's mind to be ritualistically sodomized with Marxist rubbish, you'd be wise to remove them from the grip of the ENEMY!!

  8. The only medical emergencies that exist are created by big tech. The most recent was not the virus (also created by big tech), but the killer vaccine they attempted to force on people.

  9. Doesn't it make you sick to your stomach ? This luring and sucking information of your children under the vail of desire "to help them succeed at learning "? Zucker and Priiscilla keep off school properties and our children. Don't you have enough money already?

  10. Good chance this video will be taken down as this is just the reason why they started censoring in the first place.
    Big Tech is actually skimming from public school funds to provide their private services, with the backing of government who can't argue (along with the public school system) that their algorithms are incorrect. Thus the algorithm becomes a literal third of the basis of what determines who will be taught what in school, demoting children by A.I. (while taking a profit for their so-called "services"). It's along the lines of how the stock market excludes the average person to protect the investment of the rich.

  11. Russell Brand inspires and informs us as we navigate the murky waters of fake news and worldwide manipulation—-Many thanks for helping so many stay afloat!

  12. Hello Russel ,i am from Greece , during the pandemic the Greek goverment make a deal with a company named Cisco for giving ther platform for e – scool during the pandemic,they say they give it for free but guess what, they stole the personal data from 1,5 million children with the help of the Greek goverment.

  13. I'm always suspicious of companies which offer help with mental health amongst other things, they're only doing it to avoid being sued and to pay homage. I've just had a week off Facebook as am about to start applying for my PhD, and have been studying islam and the evil eye, how you cant tell people things. Nothing on facebook reflects the real person

  14. This is literally what I do for work. Fighting against data collection and all of the dangers from Meta and other big tech. If anyone has any specific questions, I would be happy to answer.

  15. I'm a childminder and was sent an email from the council using 'soft language' to convince us to sign a consent to share our cared children's data with them to share with external parties. So…I send a response with a counter document for parents to consent to this first…I mean options right!!!I sent all our parents a message regarding my utter disgust and guess what?!? Not one responded or cared…that's the problem… The people don't give a f anyway.

  16. Help…themselves. Somehow I don't think "help" has the same meaning when it's uttered by the most rapacious parasites on planet earth. Down with their Death CULTure! Mas Unidad!

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