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The “democratic” country of Canada is following up actions during the trucker protests with a new bill to regulate online speech.
#Censorship #Canada #FreeSpeech


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. As far as I can work out your modus operandi/ raison d'etre for this YouTube channel is to increase paranoia among your right wing viewers & integrity or truth is secondary. Maybe the Canadian government is right & the misinformation should be regulated.

  2. If the education systems are not improved then nobody in the coming generations will have enough basic knowledge (history esp) to understand exactly what is being erased. The euthanising of knowledge is making them stupid towards their future.

  3. Control control control.. I wish more people would wake up and see what's going on in the world.. shame is the majority are asleep with reality.. I feel the younger gen coming up will know but this is why the government is trying to shut down all the honest channels telling the people what they should already know!!

  4. Once again Russel ty you are truly the voice of reason, sanity and freedom. you have such a gift for first seeing things and assessing whats happening in a very insightful way and then secondly summerizing and very intelligently informing people of what you see happening in our midst.

  5. I heard a news report recriminating the press for censoring the Hunter Biden Laptop. They recognize that Joe has been up to strange things for decades, they don't mention his partner Obama, the President with a 16-year-old who has 4,000,000,000 in her piggy bank which did not come from Grandma. Those news commentators approach and utters the word ethics and express the uncertainty of ethical misbehavior, as if they have uncertainty, and give that up for corruption. Yes, they are sold on corruption. It is not like one begets the other, or the apple falls near the tree, or some other inane thought they have going on in the background, so they just agree and move forward. Trump is suing Hillary, and Hunter is on the grill. Privacy is being eradicated and the whole DNC mafia are picking out their caskets. Maybe we will have a windfall and the election theft will be accepted, or proven again, so Joe can be sent to the home with Nancy, and Trump can return to complete the next two years.

  6. Go and check what innovative things Singapore has. Just one is taking the waves off wifi and change it into electricity. But do you think the money mongers will go for it. No they wont because then everyone who has wifi will have nearly free electricity. They axed Tesla and they will axe the engineers in Singapore too.

  7. I get that brand is theoretically a comedian of some sort, but pretending that he is going to examine a bill and then actually just reading out someone else's editorial piece on it isn't just disingenuous, it's not even funny.

  8. Censorship may be a good thing. powerful people with stupid opinions like celebrities become so irrelevant it takes will Smith to slap a man for people to pay attention. if the internet becomes controlled people will get bored and start paying attention. idiots will no longer have a platform and become irrelevant who knows they may go outside again and build a tree house or ride bikes lol.

  9. Stalin was angry, but during the Second World War, General Anders saved a large group of Nazis with the help of the Vatican from Ukraine, several decades have passed and there is a war. I recommend you to see this movie about books published by the US, brainwashing the Ukrainians.
    and here it supports Ukraine like a red cross. May civilians eat this money ?? this transport was taken over by the Chechens in Ukraine.
    and here is a Russian-sponsored channel, but they also report their war losses ?? there are many similar channels in russia, but they tell more truth than cnn or other western media.

  10. Who is censoring Russell Brand? He’s able to post on YouTube and Facebook, he can travel around the UK at least, denouncing Democratic leaders, and praising the Putin/Trump idiocracy. It’s NOT censorship if the US and EU countries don’t issue him a visa right now.

  11. I'm pretty sure Russel is reading a script this isn't organic. I'm curious how big of a production is going on behind the scenes.

  12. The CRTC has been a thorn in the side of many regardless of political views- media content to promote our artists – CHRIS HEDGES SHOULD BE ON EVERY SCHOOL CURRICULUM – the CRTC relies on my tax dollars and are now INTERFERING with the net? Ask our Indigenous People about truth, honesty, "airbrushing" of history-
    I won't try and get my feeble brain in gear since I left a comment a few days ago and got called stupid- Namaste

  13. Great video. TWITTER tried to shut me down with a ban if I didn't delete a tweet for sourcing RT in it. 🤔
    Trying to control my narrative or my opinion. Not allowed have one anymore it seems.

  14. No we as humans do not work in groups. We are individuals who can think for themselves. The media wants to think on your be halve, but they just do not get it. We are all unique in our own way. Not one person in the world looks alike(in general) and it is a tiny space, your face area. Plus not one person in the world has the same voice.

  15. I want to vomit when he says “awakening” people. What an arrogant narcissist. When you tell an idiot who is giving harmful advice to someone to shut up, it’s not censorship, it’s kindness.

  16. Could you discuss what is going on in Tigray, Yemen and the racism effecting Black individuals in Ukraine? Not many are discussing it and I feel it is something you could help spread the word on, it’s all important.

  17. We, the people, don't need censorship, its purely a control mechanism. We need unity in diversity, tolerance & acceptance, for ourself and all others. May we all awaken and be free!

  18. We are in the endgame of this system. It gets worse before it gets better. We should envision how we the people want our world to be. Then work towards that. The old system and it's representatives won't be helpful in this process.

  19. Judging by the is episode, you are obviously not afraid of dangerous truths. Why not investigate the money trail of black futures Lab and these NGOs proxies sending MASSIVE amounts of money to Antifa BLM and even (actual) white supremacist groups before the riots?

  20. Well it just seems that every time general public starts getting smarter and concerned with whats going on – Ellites know the cure for that. In simple words – devide and conquer. And a mass slaughter of weak (i mean -War) is their main recipe….

  21. You're right. This is coming. The worst tyranny in history is just around the corner. It is the Beast System prophesied in the Holy Bible. Now is the time to seek God. Whoever you are, however high you are flying in life, Yeshua is the parachute you're going to need when the engines fail. The world is about to crash and burn. Scoff all you want. This is just a friendly warning.

  22. you know what, its already like that over here in Iceland… Take for example my case against the government who have been illegally claiming my wages without any warrant for 16 years, as soon as they figure out what they have done they have me brought in by the cops, they refuse to talk, block my numbers etc. This is a institution that is bound by law to pick up the phone and hand over any data I request… All this is kept out of the regular police reports, just censored out… My guess is that they just don´t want it to come out

  23. The fact this channel continues to grow at the rate it has been makes me happy because i know the powers that be have tried and failed to shadow ban this account. The truth is loud.

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