We Were Lied To About Vaccines ADMITS Pfizer!

Soon after the COVID vaccines were made available to the public, we were told by the likes of Joe Biden, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Rachel Maddow that the vaccines prevented infection and stopped transmission. Yet recently, during a recent hearing in front of the European Parliament, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets Janine Small admitted that the company never tested the company’s vaccine for transmission. Her excuse? The company had to move at the “speed of science” to get the vaccine to market.

Jimmy and America’s Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the various ways the public was misled about the COVID vaccines and the specific instances of various public officials and media figures carrying water for Big Pharma.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Has any one else notice when these ppl have to lie ?🤷🏽‍♂️🤨looks kinda painful.
    They have a breathing pattern that’s used for ppl that suffer from stuttering or suffer with a speech impediment like Tourette Syndrome or autism.
    Ppl like this doctor Rochelle, are taught to take a technique to take deep throaty breaths in between each lying sentence…& try not to swallow her spit..It’s a give away!
    This way, it calms the nerves , so the body can keep the lie going longer.
    The body can’t handle a major lie, so she jumps from the important subject that might give the game away.. but the mouth and brain forces her body to act out of its self …much like a kidnapped victim who has to lie to survive not being killed.
    It’s simply an unnatural thing for ppl who actually hold the opposite views on truth to what their saying and doing.
    Just like in this clip with Dr Rochelle .
    She knows she’s a liar and and that she has to lie to save her neck..
    but her body can’t hide it.

  2. I don't question science. I question the cockroaches who infest government, corporations and institutions and claim to speak for science. Let's not forget it was those who said the earth was round who got burnt at the stake. It was the flat earthers who did the burning.

  3. If Pfizer, or any pharmaceutical company, could prove "transmission", don't you think they would? They didn't, not because of any "science speed" but, because THEY CAN'T. NO ONE HAS. EVER. AND THEY KNOW IT. The Germ "Theory" isn't a theory at all in the scientific sense because it's false.

  4. Event 201 worked just as planned…Trump lost with vote counting, Pfizer made their millions, and the gobalist teams racked in millions of dollars and shut down the world economies….wow..great scam & job…

  5. baww rachel maddow lied to me!!!! Are you going to be talking about this 10 years from now? same old stuff, just rehashing this to keep your viewers bitter and isolated. the whole world has moved on and you guys seem insane even caring about this any more. Robert Malone? Again?

  6. To mandate any medical procedure is a violation of your human and constitutional rights and its criminal. Even if the procedure prevented said disease there is no reasonable or just argument one can make for a mandatory medical intervention or procedure. If there was an attempt to discuss things openly and publicly with the same amount of vigor as the censorship and concealment, the depravity would have revealed itself a lot earlier.

  7. If you had a common cold you've had covid so they are lying but not really if you believe in an actual pandemic you've bought the big lie. It's all bullshit and if you bought into it you are a useful idiot.

  8. 2:41 Their data, which they got from testing 8 mice!
    Jimmy, I've met more honest used car salesmen. And nicer.
    I don't think she got "the speed of science" from lawyers; it came from some PR agency.
    So they tested it on the people of South Africa! 26:22 That's what "real-world studies" means, per Julie Leask.
    But, hey! They're black, so, So What?
    24:40 And Ms Smalls wants us to thank them for it, to add insult to injury!

  9. They wanted vaccine mandates so they could connect EVERYONE's RIGHTS to the passport and boosters FOREVER! In effect, in the United States, it would have transferred Constitution RIGHTs from the individual to a persons vaccine status! In one fell swoop, it would have NEUTERED the United States Constitution and the BILL of RIGHTS! THESE PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!

  10. Science is built on dissent. By its very nature it requires questioning and dissent. The religion being pushed down our throats by arrogant technocrats is not science. Calling their uninformed half-baked opinions "science" is the height of hubris and a further slap in the face.

  11. Jimmy Dore, you're misrepresenting, misidentifying the blond haired woman, It looks like J Small is her name. She's helped to expose the very same issues you're taking credit for ! Please ! Get to know your allies ! Do some more research before shaking your papers at her. She's a whistle blower like Malone. Get a grip Jimmy !

  12. Of course when sharing this to Facebook you are met with a “fact checking” message calling the video “partially false information” 😂😂😂 I’m so done with these damn criminals.

  13. 11:36 he probably won’t return your messages because you misrepresented him numerous times in slimy ways. I’ve been disgusted on more than one occasion with how you have presented his material. This whole situation is corrupt and bad enough, you didn’t need to twist his content in the ways you did.

  14. Crazy part is they could have said the vaccine and mask slowed the transmission and lessen the strains on hospitals and they would have been enough for them to still make amazing profits (without lying). But they wanted it ALL

  15. Only 1 lab on planet earth is known to have been weaponizing covid – the one in Wuhan, China – and it was funded by Anthony Fauci. Wuhan, China has been around since at least 1,000 years before Christ and people had been selling bats there in open-air markets the whole time. Fauci comes along and BAM! covid. They fully believe we are idiots.

  16. Not sure why people feel sorry for Ditko? He had a great creative life, his own New York studio and he could have had more fame and credit if he wanted it. Sadly, Kirby did not live long enough to potentially enjoy the same. RIP Lee, Kirby and Ditko.

  17. Turns out the dumb-dumb Left(Dore, Hedges, etc) were correct. The dumb-left(Maddow, seder, tyt, etc) was wrong. It is what it is.
    Any lessons learned?
    Yes-but at the speed of science. 🙁 🙁

  18. BTW, the "speed of science" is extremely slow, unlike what she is implying. The speed of science involves extensive research, the peer review research, then regulatory oversight, etc.

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