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  1. Interesting timing. Russell Brand is running a story today, where the ONS have shown the more people died due to lockdown (mostly from non treatment of diabetes, cancer and heart disease) than died due to Covid. Lockdowns were pointless. Masks were pointless. But we all followed along like little sheep. Humans are morons.

  2. Well Paul, if you wanted to be trusted, you should not have sold yourself to Russia. Now after you told us about “russian peace makers” in Ukraine, you’re just another alternative misinformation media.

  3. The damage done is irreversible, millions of people have lost their businesses, lively hoods, family.
    A lot still terrified by the msm that drill Armageddon in their heads daily, nuke warnings, political propaganda, our future deserves better than this.

  4. You know what? Dr. I have zero sympathy. This goes for EVERY cop, politician, doctor etc. You don't get any forgiveness, mercy etc. You don't get to come back to those of us that you treated like second class citizens cause you wanted to virtue signal. Now we are going to starve and push you out of society. No jobs, no services, nothing for the covid and mask fanatics.

  5. I regret getting just one jab because of the threat of losing my job. Turns out they pushed more and got more tyrannical and required the booster to work. Long story short I quit and never wore a mask again and never looked back. Got an even better job now that's NOT woke!

  6. I think the speech development articles are bullshit because it’s not like you wear a mask at home baby’s aren’t just watching random people on the street outside to learn how to lip read I swear common sense does not apply to people that just defy the government because it’s the government hahahaha

  7. It is happening again, the climate "crisis" preventing food from being produced, will stop us driving, heating our homes and will move us back to the dark ages. All this at the behest of the WEF, and it's stooges who have all taken control of 'democratic' countries – Canada, Holland, new Zealand, the US for starters.

  8. Okay, I'm going to put the brakes on this for a second. And I hope somebody at least reads this and understand what I'm trying to say.
    Now this is a difficult concept for most people to understand. But simply put I am a self-diagnosed, along with two other professional psychologists who agreed with my findings, a higher functioning autistic. And you're just going to have to accept that.

    The real problem is, my son who did have a difficult birth experience but developed very well for the first year. We proceeded to fall proper procedure and had his first inoculation without any issues.
    He was very social for a 1-year-old child and paid attention to everyone around him recognizing faces and interacting. His second inoculation was just as successful..

    Then he had his third inoculation at 18 months old. This was the combination of MMR and two other vaccines.

    We thought nothing of it until about a week and a half to two weeks later he started acting differently. He didn't do anything antisocial or violent, his direct behavior towards his environment changed.

    We had a friend who was a nurse specifically trained in autistic behavior. And it was just by chance she happened to be over one night. She watched our son but didn't say anything to my wife..

    She pulled me aside and said I think you should have him checked out for early symptoms of autism.

    I pulled her outside, we walked around the corner and I told her I felt something was wrong and I thought they were something odd about his behavior and I wasn't sure what it changed. And she proceeded to tell me that my son is exhibiting clinical signs of autism..

    And I knew something was wrong so I did some research online I put two and two together and while I never brought it up to the family. I pushed, and I mean really pushed my wife to get him tested. But my stupid wife listened to her family and said oh he'll be fine it'll pass he's just a baby he'll grow out of it blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    My wife is an idiot, her family are a bunch of fucking morons..

    I spent two years trying to push my wife to get him to a specialist and into classes to help him..

    I was right. But those ignorant little bastards fought me for two and a half years to get him the treatment that he deserved.

    That ended my marriage

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