Weapons 4 Ukraine (& Military Industrial Complex)

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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. Billions of dollars for war and weapons but no reparations for Black Americans. Great job Matt. In a future video, I would love for you to talk about how the murderous genocidal capitalist imperialist oligarchy known as America is so damn hostile when is comes to paying reparations for Black America. Thanks. 😊👍

  2. I find this video extremely problematic and Anti-Trans.. and by 'Trans' i mean 'Transactional' people.
    it has been too long that bigoted people such as yourself who've been shaming those brave individuals that were willing to say anything in-front of a camera in order to become or stay rich !! you have no shame !! and you should be cancelled and criminally persecuted !!!!!!!

  3. The more you keep sending weapons to Ukraine your just making putin more mad and it will start nuclear war. We may not have boots on the ground but sending weapons is just like fighting the war on the other side. I served in the 1 st battalion in the marines in afganastan and it will not turn out well

  4. What’s your point? If Russia didn’t invade Ukraine then there would be no need for all these weapons. Now that Russia has start a war then thank god we can supply them to defend themselves.

  5. Beau of the fifth column just recently had a video saying that war money do drive policy, but the amounts that Biden has been giving to Ukraine aren't enough proportional to the contractors' profits to be the driving factor, or something. I was skeptical and seeing the corrupt consent-spinning of the establishment media in action makes it unquestionable.

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