Weapons of Mass Distraction

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  1. Don't kid yourself our president is owned by China if he does this it's because they told him to so China can further weaken us and send our civil unrest into maximum overdrive. Just watch the moment that happens China will provide a "humanitarian effort" in the form of tanks steam rolling any American patriot left trying to save America.

  2. I think this major failure of an election is going to hurt the credibility of the dems for years to come, the failure of the biden regime is so extreme that we might need to have a re election in the us, and then we have to claw our way back to the top, which means we will be basically sucking up to other nations because of how far our political capital has fallen, we all knew this would happen too

  3. This is interesting. Two zombies that basically know nothing about anything giving their opinions on fake events and things that don't exist. Anyone following people like this dig themselves deeper into the quagmire of never knowing anything.

  4. Economic collapse, forcing mass acceptance of and reliance on the Universal Basic Income, facilitating mass private asset seizure by governments was always the plan. It's a fundamental requirement of the Great Reset. All this war has done is give Western governments carte blanche to do whatever they like whilst deflecting the rage and misery of their respective populations towards Russia.

    Prepare for an endless series of hysteria-laden non sequiturs as globalist puppets like Johnson now plough ahead with the WEF agenda, always justifying their actions by just pointing at Russia and shrugging.

  5. 13:21 The US is "worried" about Russia using chemical or biological weapons because people just noticed that the US has a couple biolabs in Ukraine – And if anything gets released they want to be able to blame Russia…

  6. I'm glad you guys changed the outro to Callum saying appreciated instead of enjoyed. Your content is great and I love listening, but I wouldn't say I enjoy the knowledge it imparts, per se.

  7. There was a lad in Iraq who wanted to sell oil in "not dollars" years ago – what happened to him?
    Hope the dollar aficionados don't repeat things with this current lot.

  8. american here. we all recognize that my government is likely funding biolabs in ukraine like we were in wuhan, and decided to release a statement to point to when the time comes, that specifically primes normies and NPCs for the gaslighting when a ukrainian virus gets released, yeah? like, the corrupt idiots that stole my government in 2020 just said "hey, there might be a new virus released into the world soon, don't look into it, it's not ours, it's russia's." and next'll be: "russia definitely just attacked with a biological weapon, don't look into it, look over there, we're going to war now because everything is hitler, and all those hitlers were funding bio weapons that we didn't have anything to do with. do you disagree? what are you, a hitler?"… we're living in a slightly more comfortable parody of the soviet union, or orwell's 1984 over here, and the rest of you in the west are being forced by your leaders into following us further into this totalitarian leftist nightmare. hope we don't fail yall in the end.

  9. Look, what we are watching in real time, and it frustrates me that people are just not seeing it or saying it out loud, is the dismantling and reorganisation of the global order along red neo facist lines, led openly by the WEF.

    everything has to be seen through that lens. We are no longer in 1999, where the mutterings of the NWO are 'conspiracy theory' for potheads at 2am in the morning.

  10. State mandated sanctions are always:
    1. Collectivist, and
    2. Anti-freedom.
    They take the choice of who a person should trade with away from the individual and gives it to the State. The little plebs can't be trusted to know who they should trade with. They might make the "wrong" decision, after all!

  11. Iraq had WMDs at certain points in its history.
    1. It used them against the Iranians in the 1980s.
    2. It used them against its own people in the 1980s.
    3. It had 550 tons of yellowcake (low yield) uranium removed from the country, reported in 2008. It wasn't supposed to have it.
    4. It's commonly believed that the remainder of Iraq's chemical weapons were shipped to Syria …where it might have been used against Syrian citizens during their Civil War.

    The invasion was stupid, no doubt, but facts are facts.

  12. dont worry about china in latin america they absolutely hate chineese people and are very guerilla rebellious and clever, and good luck making africa advanced they are stone age people giving them modernity and money always ends badly xD

  13. The financial world is unstable now, imagine the shtshow if it was rooted in a currency from a country that places national pride in the exchange rate of it's, already manipulated, value. Good example, the Euro.

  14. Putin's plan :
    In the future, not long from now, the economic "superpowers" will be countries affiliated with "BRICS" (Brasil, Russia, India, China, South-Africs). They will drop the US Dollar as "world trading currency" and switch to another.
    Combined with boycotting the west, the western economies will decline rapidly.
    As a result : Europe will be the first to crumble economically. The USA is next.

    But the "East"…
    the east shall flourish.
    Once they've dropped the US Dollar and switched to another trading currency; their own currencies get more value among them. Because all their currencies are weak compared to all the western currencies.

    The West will be poorer.
    The East will be richer.

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