Webster Dictionary Changing “Vaccine” Definition

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. I really hope Merriam Webster is not a standard. I mean – Southern California banned the dictionary from schools in 2010. whoever the new lexicographer is should be interviewed, live.

  2. NOW is time to collectively push for BIG PHARMA companies Pfizer, moderna, GAVI etc, all have their blanket full immunity from legality and harm and future harm be fully removed immediately.

    If they don't have their actions scrutinized and all be held accountable then how can they think they can mandate a forced jab, if no one is held responsible for all harm now and in future.

  3. Not exactly resonating with the outrage on this one. Vaccines can't 100% protect you and so the word "immunity" is a bit inaccurate and misleading. I think the change looked ok to be honest. Does it come at a sus timing? Yeah I can see that. But I'm not really feeling that this is nefarious and malicious. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just how I feel reading the two definitions. From a scientific perspective the 2nd one is more accurate of what s vaccine is and does.

  4. When they said "immunity" before, what is meant is the body's immune response is stimulated/augmented/learned. That's how vaccines have always worked. The new definition is just more accurate.

  5. The old definition was based on old methods that are no longer necessarily used. Instead of dead or weakened pathogens, we can use just protein strands or genetic materials too, because those are safer, but can be just as good at giving you immunity. It makes sense to change that part of the definition because the old one was outdated.
    The rest just muddied the water, and adding examples about corona is just stupid and makes it seem politically motivated. I do not see why this is such a big deal. Yeah, i myself could have probably come up with a more clear definition.

    Remember Hanlons razor, do not assume malice where simple incompetence is enough to explain it.

  6. I shared this on FB and it got flagged today… FB "We added a notice to your post
    The post includes information that independent fact-checkers said was partly false.
    Partly False Information in a Post That You Shared." The FB gestapo hates you Jimmy. You are doing a great job. Keep stepping on their dicks Jimmy.

  7. FB fact checkers got me again!! Twice within less than an hour!! This one they slapped with a "Partly false information" warning. They were going after everything I was posting from Graham Elwood for awhile but just completely removing them. No warnings. Tonight they seem to be going after all my posts from Jimmy. Feckin' arsebadgers.🙄

  8. Posted link to this on my Facebook wall. Got flagged for "Partly false information" by "independent fact-checkers". It seems that M-W didn't "change" the definition to remove provide immunity; they merely "rephrased" it to remove provide immunity.

  9. Just got flagged on FB for sharing this. I shared it back when it originally aired. The fact checkers are saying it’s not accurate and has false information. But don’t say what exactly is false.

  10. Facebook "fact-checked" me for sharing this. Their reason? " It was partially false. It wasn't changed, it was rephrased".
    That is some major Newspeak bullshit right there. One could argue that if something is rephrased so it means something different, then it has been changed!

  11. They changed the way a virus can be transferred as well. Now they claim it can FLAKE off of someone, onto someone else. I didn't know a virus could FLAKE, but this one is special in many ways. Aids is a weird disease as well – – – and it has a patent. Wonder if Covid-19 has a patent. Only man made things can be patented.

  12. Dictionaries definitions always change with time. This is why one should consider never using them as a trusted source. Etymologies of words will never change. However, this change is very blatant and reeks the stench of an agenda.

  13. So one can be opposed to the COVID 'vaccines' without being 'anti-vax' because the COVID 'vaccine' isn't a vaccine by the real definition, but something different that is being branded as a vaccine to make non-antivaxxers consent to an experimental medical procedure.

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