Week 2 – Will Hearsay Testimony be Allowed? – Emergencies Act Inquiry Update

Eva Chipiuk is Co-legal counsel with Keith Wilson for Peckford Travel Ban Challenge, Tamara Lich and the Freedom Convoy. Advocate for rights and freedoms in Canada.

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  1. Of course it should be. It's how we hold Inquiries in Canada now. And normally we can write the final report in parallel with the inquiry since the result has already been predetermined.

  2. Unfortunately it seems as most if not all the liberals are trying hard to sell the desired narrative in favor of trudolf. Good luck Canada and all Canadians!! We, rational thinking membersof society, already know that his invoking the emergencies act was illegal and unwarranted!!!

  3. Today was a bit better.
    More Adult orientated conversation, and topics; Vs weather uber eats was available.. 🙄

    One huge lie was exposed..
    The convoy started moving their trucks out of the downtown area just before the emergency act was invoked.
    The convoy was cooperating with the city of Ottawa and moving trucks to an alternative location.

    This is evidence (already) that the emergencies act was not needed, nor asked for..

  4. I truly admire you lawyers doing such great work, showing so much perseverance and trying so hard to bring some sanity back to this country! We Canadians are immensely grateful for the fight you put on to safe our freedom and liberty!👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏✌️

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