WEF Chair Klaus Schwab: “Creating The Physical Brain For Digitization”

World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab probably doesn’t actively TRY to sound like a villain out of a James Bond movie, but he clearly doesn’t try too hard NOT to either. In this clip from a recent interview with EU chief Ursula von der Leyen, Schwab as Bond Villain effuses over the shift in manufacturing of semiconductors from the Far East to Europe as a key step in “creating the physical brain for digitization.”

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle marvel at Schwab’s remarkable comportment and wonder whether later in the interview he explained his master plan to von der Leyen before leaving her to die by some Rube Goldberg-type contraption.

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  1. Jimmy always asks Jackson about technological things because he's younger, but Jackson is a technological dunce and Jimmy always understands what's going on better than Jackson does.

  2. I have a theory. "creating the physical brain for digitisation" refers to "The Singularity" of AI melding with the human brain.
    As for the means of doing this – perhaps the supposed smart parasites (nanites?) found in post-mrna-vaxxed people are building such networks inside our bodies already.

  3. Yeah he is a cartoon character right out of central casting, he makes that cyborg Cheney look like a Boy Scout. It's called Trans Humanism, Musk wants the same thing.

  4. This is insane! It is bad enough that Big Brother is watching us through monitoring us through the Internet and sharing our personal data with third parties, but to also think about creating a digital brain is something a mad scientist would do….

  5. He said to create a physical brain to be digitised somewhere in Europe“ which infers that it is one computerised network, a singular computerised network in Europe, mean individual implants in every human being, which I think you are conflating, deliberately four clicks does NOT

  6. Kinda hope his evil plan is to download himself into a computer and live forever….. then a massive solar storm or empty or something does what it does. What happens when a particle hits a brain computer and flips a zero to a one?

  7. ass always u did note educate yourself? everything this evil done or will doing in feature they say in their website and every year conference , They need a socialist government . after collapse of unions they think a reason for collapse is 1-capitals 2-population and lack of human engineering
    both of this now solved
    black rocks and whole of woke company base of esg
    resources like some of important raw material in Africa(child labor and divide people) or Latin America (why lula mus win?) or Ukraine (huge raw materials find for this reason must destroy Putin)
    we have viruses!
    we have climate change until people become poor

  8. We must take this creatures seriously. They are prepared. There is private army ready. There is unlimited money they have. He is just a 🐶 compared with real monsters sitting behind the scenes.

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