WEF Chairman Threatens People Over Vaccines

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  1. The vaccines don't stop transmissibility and there are even mainstream reports that many who have been injected and boosted keep getting reinfected….and that's just scratching the surface. So what is this guy talking about? The fact is they're obsessed which should make everyone absolutely adverse to taking any injection endorsed by these parasites ever again.

  2. It's disturbing that of all the people there are to quote, you would quote that POS Bill Gates. You give him validity when you do. As if he's actually someone we should listen to about ANYTHING. HE'S NOT. He's a megalomaniac. PERIOD.

  3. Friend of the family had blood clots after getting 4th booster. When he was in emergency intake the doctor there told him that clots were very prominent now, the doctor said that they suspected the vaccines. It is time to recognize the threat that these people pose to our families and countries.

  4. Provably sars cov 2 vax doesn't stop transmission which makes mandating it's use pointless. It also can't be proved that if you have the vax that you'll get a lesser form of the illness. Many have tested positive for covid who were asymptomatic or had only mild cold symptoms, who never had the vax.

  5. I would like to see Klaus undergo a psychological assessment for pathological personality traits because a diagnosis would discredit his credibility and annul his insistence that the whole world should be subjected to experimental, ineffective and potentially fatal chemical rape.

  6. he has been underground or is a spokesman for the king of the earth from underground . it has been taken off the internet many years ago. but I dont forget. this is their time. nothing from this world can stop this. if you are loved it will end good if not well then cash out. I still care. maybe I will be the last to go

  7. Guess those globalists pushing fear won’t be safe either lol I don’t believe a world out of this creeps mouth he has one foot in grave won’t be around for long lol

  8. I can't believe you don't know already. I understand what you're doing, though. You are allowing people to make their own conclusions. I respect that.

    Ch👁️na has already froze accounts. People were panic trying to withdraw from their accounts.

  9. Jimmy, I don't know if you're aware that gfor decades the WEF has run a 'Young Global Leaders' program whose alumni include Justin Trudeau, Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, Emanuel Macron of France, Jacinda Arden of New Zealand and others. You may call it a coincidence that all of these 'leaders' are strict authoritarians willing to ignore their countries's constitutions and oppress their citizens. They follow the diktats of the WEF and this is why they all sing the same authoritarian song. And we need to ask … isn't it rather convenient that they all managed to achieve top offices in their respective countries.

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