WEF globalists in panic as WAR between U.S. and China “weeks away” | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The globalist cabal didn’t count on China finally taking action to take on the west. We are witnessing a restructuring of the liberal world order as China readies for war.

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Written by Redacted


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  2. Hilary server and Trump are totally different. The National archive has a duty to preserve, for history, the documents. You can't do that if you never had a copy as it the case with Hilary. Hilary has deleted the evidence in a criminal way. Trump did not REMOVE documents. They are copies. The national archive still has a copy of all of them. That's the nature of computers. Printing a document does not delete or remove it.

    Sounds like Trump was building a legal case against Hilary. The FBI raid would have become necessary if Trump had sufficient evidence.

  3. Clayton is not unbiased… calling trump "president trump" and that the government "Stole" from him are not unbiased words… he needs to listen to his wife and pick his words more carefully if he's to be respected as an unbiased person. Trust me clayton, you will win more fans if you are truly unbiased or at least present yourself to be…

  4. America is a global business of private interests around the globe predicting the profitability of its citizens and using that as leverage for their "trust"….thats where capitalism is at and there's nothing the people can do cause the scope is way too big.

  5. 1917 Espionage and Sedition Act was implemented during a time that many of Europe Socialist party were immigrating to the U.S.

    1901, the US Socialist party was established and in 1919 the US Communist Party came into existance. The 1917 Espionage Act was law to take down those who conspired to take down America within its territory and/or threatened to go against its Constitution and values.

  6. The government doesn't have the right to take whatever they want just because some crooked people got a crooked judge to approve it. This no longer America, it's something else.

  7. Your bone heads in congress r willed by the MICongressComplex, perpetual wars r their sole mission, while sacrificing just Chinese mate, we just sacrificing Taiwan Chinese & stir them up to kill each other’s Taiwan Chinese kill mainland Chinese, or the good men & women Chinese serving in the western military like australia Uk USA etc etc

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