WEF: The Most Evil Business in the World

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The World Economic Forum are a HUGE global network of elitists. They have a world agenda which is absolutely shocking. The want people by 2030 to OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY calling it The Great Reset.

In this video I discuss how dangerous this is and what I really believe about The Great Reset.

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Written by Samuel Leeds


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  1. So, how come if it was so blatantly evil (not like that needs ANY real research to figure out) did you decide to attempt to join and only AFTER you were rejected did you turn around? Nice video.

  2. The WEF are just a continuation of the pure evil which came from the enlightenment. They are the Nazis and Communists of our age, who now have an immense global reach through the power of the internet. But the scariest part is that these people are genuinely convinced by their own bullshit. They believe whole heartedly that taking your freedom, your autonomy, is the greater good and will do anything to achieve it. I hope I live to see the WEF burned to the ground and its members hunted to the ends of the earth.

  3. They mean nothing good with the “you’ll have nothing and be happy”. We’ll have nothing is the only true part.
    They do want to have everything and control everyone.
    You are correct and many will be going to the slaughter with smiles on their faces. Too much ignorance.
    We’ve already seen the best.

  4. Nuttin to do with money it's about bloodline and secret societies as you well know These people do not serve us but obstruct us and needs to be taken seriously But they have to see it through as it is our testerment,This is not the first reset there is Nuttin new under the sun and Russell brand is one of them also being a gatekeeper and master mason,Becarefull as many will come in the name of Jesus Christ and preform magical wonders, This is soft declose of the contract of natural law as you well know 🤔❤️💯🙏🏻🌴

  5. Thanks God we still have people like you who's brain is working like it should work in every human being. Makes me feel that I am not alone in this world the way I see and think.

  6. Tried sharing this video on Facebook and within minutes the fact checkers had attached a notice to my post saying it was "partly false information". That's a cue that the content is true, not false. Well, now we can count on FB to do it's part to keep the minions in line by blocking the truth. Just like they've done with other important matters recently.

  7. Welcome … We've been waiting for you! Now that your eyes are open, there are many rabbit holes to explore.. Look into 911 if you want to see how far these criminals will go!

  8. Fuck all those billionair motherfuckers and especially Klaus Schwab they can kiss my ass from me they can take nothing because i have nothing and i am happy doesn’t matter how much money they have they will take only 2 meter earth or maybe they will get burned after their death

  9. U r so right I'm gonna die over this agenda cuz I'm free it iz my God given right to chooze my own destiny. I am self governing i need no government. I've never gotten a dam thing from government only stolen from by my supposed one. Corrupt to it core the USA. These folks WEF are going to by thier polocies kill billions of people world over. I use the word people loosely because they are less than human. They are undoubtedly the rabid dogs of humanity sosiopathic they are. If the world only new the truth about their true sickness. United we the people of the must become . I can't say I didn't see this coming anyone with any kind of critical thinking process must see that the way we live iz a finite path. WEF members have plundered the worlds resources and instead of owning it . Well they want to blame the people of the world for their crimes against our mother earth and her children. Technology is the devil of the Bible and the earth herself will again reject its encroachment upon her as she has in the past. Remeber that Klaus cuz I do and I C U DEMON.

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