WEF & UN’s 2030 Agenda

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When something sounds to good to be true.


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  1. "You will own nothing and you will be happy "
    Klaus Schwab.
    Digital currency coming our way sooner than we think.
    Universal Basic Income.

    This has been in the planning since 1992, by WEF Klaus Schwab.

  2. some arseholes in the UN will dictate what we can do, what we are allowed to think, what we are allowed to own and how we are to live .
    This is the sort of shit my parents fought in wars to protect us from …

    And the reason some people are poor is due to poor choices… so how do they protect people from making bad choices ? I assume they don't let us make any choices

  3. Its a Scam behind false virtuous words and fake ideals … more control less freedom..their agenda is UN WEF dictating our freedoms and lives…sounds like hilter again…we need to get out of this scam .time for the people to run their lives .our lands ..our food supply..our manufacturing…our nation for our own good ..time to nationalise …not the few corrupt politicians and corporations dictating over us…great post thanks for keeping people aware..

  4. Create the foot and mouth disease problem. Destroy animals. Force farmers off the land. No meat. It is the dutch situation but it will look like an unfortunate "disaster" and thus no farmers protest. End result, farmers gone, no meat for the peasants. Eat bugs to help environment. NWO goal achieved…

  5. It is true that capitalist system has pulled huge amounts people out of poverty when compared to socilism and communism.

    However what we also know is having a strong public sector where the govenment owns and controls untilities, universal health, education, emergency services, defence force and social security, is in the public interest and when we have a complementary libertarian capitalis system running along side it creates the best system.

    Basically a complementary public and private sector.

    We can't just print money and give into people because demand will outstrip supply (inflation) nor can we have just capitalist system because 30% to 70% of the poulation end up in poverty.

    Well thats my opinion on the subject.

  6. Great vid. Their plan to eliminate poverty is to eradicate poor people. This is Communism 201. Master eugenicists like Bill Gates at the helm. Australia is one of the pilot projects for the WEF along with Canada & New Zealand.

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