Weimar Madness Begins! Printing More Money to Stop Inflation.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 Introduction
00:56 History: 200 years of Brazilian Independence
06:41 Massive fiscal stimulus in the U.K. to stop inflation?!?!
17:35 Market update
23:06 Conclusion

Today we will look at the twisted thinking popping up in mainstream economics circles and government.

We are now supposed to believe that massive government spending is supposed to tamp down inflation.

Our conclusion is that this will solidify the road to hyperinflation and currency collapse just like in 1923 Weimar Germany.

Bloomberg article:


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  1. I'm a British citizen – currently living in New York. I'm beyond sad at what's happening in the UK. Are they completely out of their minds??? Thank you Mario for your informative and realistic perspective. It certainly helps me stay sane.

  2. From the way that you look and talk, I would have guessed that you were born in the New York / New Jersey area of the United States. It's not obvious that you grew up in Brazil and Switzerland and have worked in the U.K. for years.

  3. Do these economists working for the government, banks and financial publications realize how evil they themselves are…?
    Obviously not…..! Otherwise they would not continue to wreak damage on the peoples of society and the world at large.

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