Weird Wikipedia Edit Tries To Blame TRUMP For Rise Of Taliban In Afghanistan Crisis

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join commentator, organizer of OJPAC, and marketing expert Yossi Gestetner to break down the recent Wikipedia edit that shows how information is controlled to push a narrative.

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Guest: Yossi Gestetner
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  1. Trump honestly needed to do it while he was in office. Cause we have no idea who is even running the Biden admin and what their motives are, so why would you wait and let Biden’s admin do it

  2. Wikipedia isn't even a reliable source for a high-school paper. Why do people even give a shit about that site its not an authoritative argument if you're citing it you need a helmet and clown makeup…

  3. Yes yes of course the propaganda arm of the socialists is typical.
    The regime( current).
    The military generals, The natl Intel and advisors.
    And yes the Afghanistan army, people, if they want their country stand up and fight. They have not.

  4. I was literally thinking the same thing about Biden… he had two full terms as VP and now into his first term as president. That is going to be 12 years in a top position in the government. How did he blow this so bad? I really didn't like his speech yesterday. Everyone was at fault except him. Typical hiding Biden!

  5. I don’t like how you know what the truth is with trump & Afghanistan.the world knew where he stood. But you chose to slide off your own knowledge. Trump hammered them. And left a few hundred to hang around. 19 years before trump. And they blame trump. Wtf

  6. I think I'm pregnant and it's Donald Trump's fault. Everything bad happening in the world is on him. So to Christians that would make him Satan and to Satanist that would make him their god. I never realized he wielded that much power.

  7. The morons on Twitter think that by editing a Wikipedia article they’ve changed history. Too bad they’re still our history books at least for now but given the fascist proclivity to burn books. Well let’s just say it’s time to start saving history books.

  8. Based on what I have been seeing, I don't think that people care about this issue, in the same the politicians and activists do. When I heard the news of the Afghan pull out, I literally shrugged my shoulders, and moved on. I think a lot of people feel the same way that I do, because no body that I know is talking about it. What I do think is that this matter is a Washington Beltway situation, in an attempt to get ahead of any possible fallout, via the 2022 Election Cycle. Honestly? The Afghan closure is a wash, as far as its effect next year.

  9. This is just another one of the democrat deflections from the border, the failing economy, failing covid, and the hunter Biden laptops. And more. It’s deflection. That’s what they do.

  10. I advise people to start writing physical letters to loved ones along with digital ones to chronically what's happening. To many lies from 'sources' that are supposed to be impartial….

  11. "It's Trump's fault WE didn't keep HIS promise!"
    Get the fuck out of here
    Edit: wow YouTube just gave me an alert about my comment being disrespectful before I posted it

  12. Taliban trusting Russia after they cause them to flee from genocide to Pakistan many decades ago then the US helps the fighters that stay too defeat their enemy's then some time latter a son of a billionaire attacks the US hmm because of some old cloak and danger relationship, making the kids trained in Pakistani religious schools see this as a call to arms and they can't wait to takeover and rule with the stick and have spent 20 years fighting not just the world but their own people. Have I missed something?

  13. Something worth noting is that the population of Afghanistan has exploded a bit (no pun intended).

    In 2011, their population sat around 30 million.

    Just 10 years later, it’s grown by over 30% to almost 40 million.

    Why? Is that just growth by birth? Or is it possible that radicals looking to fight America went to where the fight actually is and joined the Taliban?

  14. You know, "nation building" has worked in the past. Look at Britain, Japan, Germany, and South Korea as examples. Sometimes after we defeat foreign powers, they become our greatest allies. But why? How come it works in some situations and fails so spectacularly in others? Is it just cultural differences, and if so, why do those seem to matter sometimes more than others? Finally, the reason why we still have troops in Europe is so that we have a staging ground there against Russia potentially. Also to defend them if they get attacked. That's the same reason we have bases in the middle east, so if we do need to invade a country for some reason, we have a fortified position to start from.

  15. I think one point missing is that at the end of WWII part of the US staying Germany for instance is that Germany was banned or agreed to not re-arm.. as part of this agreement, the US agreed to provide military protection… this is not the case with the current Afgan situation.

  16. If you go on Wikipedia and read about Hunter Biden the only mention of his many fkups is that Trump conspiracists made some stuff up about him. Doesn't even say what that might even have been. Whole thing wrapped up in a single line of text.

    Visit any of the pages dedicated to the Trump children and you get line after line of all their supposed crimes written out as if they had been sentenced in court over it.

    Biden and his father have been the subjects of unevidenced claims of corrupt activities in a Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory pushed by then-U.S. President Donald Trump and his allies

    ^ That's it.
    Complete cesspool.

  17. Here’s a thought : Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. Now even the left leaning media are suggesting how inept he is becoming. Could this not be intentional so that he can step down as president and save some kind of face? Didn’t he even suggest that in an interview saying if him and Harris disagreed he would step down ? Seems so intentional