Welcome to 2023 – reviewing the last 12 months of wisdom from our guests!

Congratulations for surviving all the way to 2023!

Here is a review of the best wisdom dropped by our guests throughout 2022, as well as our message for 2023 (from 46:42).

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Written by Discernable


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  1. My sort of based hot take for the year that will be 2023, is that the year will depend on what policy, if any the freedom movement, to the extent that such a thing still exists anymore, will develop regarding the heavily manicured and astroturfed fake voice to parliament agenda. Because once that gets in, it'll be the End. Australia won't have much of a reason to keep these things called "Parliaments" anymore. Not when you can just make the executive accountable to this unelectable body called the "Voice".

  2. Happy New Year Matt and crew! Thanks for helping to keep us sane
    through 2022.. Let's hope we get to talk about other important issues from now on, instead of mass formation psychosis related topics XD hehehe

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