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Welcome to CHAZ – the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” – in Seattle, Washington.

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Written by John Ward

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  1. This is a great advertisement to vote for Trump this November. No sane American wants America to become one giant Chazzy Chop’s auto zone! Just imagine all the people, living life so free….without the police, half naked homeless ninjas scourging the crops, crime ridden, and no nearby countries to deliver Dominos pizza to millions of people every evening. No thanks Lennon. Trump 2020….or else we all share in a Communist leftist “utopia”, basically a hellhole. Ps Thank goodness there’s no little children in there, just adults with the minds of children. Only REgressive brainwashed “progressives”. When will reality hit these leftists ?!? Republicans, NO excuses this November, we need every single Republican to show up and vote for Trump.

  2. The video of the ninja with the rake was on the Michael Knowles show. My boss just sent me the clip and I recognized your voice even though they didn’t mention you by name.

  3. I encourage everyone to watch the Democratic Socialist Convention videos after this, and you will see how pathetic these basement dwellers are.

  4. Mainstream media is silent about the rapes in CHAZ/CHOP. Seattle police chief said they are getting 911 calls from that area about rapes that they can't respond to.
    Where are the MeToo folks?

  5. Now I further appreciate running to the hills 6 years ago. I'm gonna vote Democrat this year because this is what I want for the cities and the people that live in them. If you can get out now.

  6. SHAME ON YOU for ending with the implication that Joe Biden is connected to the "Defund the Police" movement! When asked by reporters, Biden stated clearly that HE DOES NOT SUPPORT THE DEFUND THE POLICE IDEA! He then said something like, "Of course not! That's ridiculous!"…………………………elsullo

  7. I wish i could like this video a few more hundred times xD

    This was the best comedy i've ever seen and it is only stating actual facts xD

    Nice going USA!

  8. That person in the pink banana talking about giving people of color 10$. Probably doesn’t have any money or any property. So it’s worth we to ask others what they can do

  9. Chaz is such a good idea, just imaging if we can do the things in there like the movie "purge" —– ENTER CHAZ AT YOUR OWN RISK! man, what a fun place to be.

  10. I see these situations where a bunch of people crowd around and jump someone and I wish it was me. I wish they'd get a hold of one person with some fight in them and skills. When jumped by a group of people grab the closest one to you and squeeze.

  11. I believe the "Citizens Of Chaz" are just the collective of all the nutjob homeless from all the Democratic-Run Shitholes in California, who decided to boogie north, start some shit, steal some shit, hang out, do a little rape–once they get that gender thang figured out–a LOT of looting for their "Summer Of Love" wardrobe. Then when they figure California's got the shit and hypos cleaned up, back they go to give the cities a makeover in their own image: TRASH!!