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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. I just asked my phone “how young is the president?” I got Trump information. I asked about the new president and I got Biden information. Too bad. I wish people would just keep it real

  2. If u look, there's no plates on the vehicles either! But this shit-show is the biggest crime perpetrated against WE, THE PEOPLE, EVER!!!!! If the Supreme Court sides with Biden/Harris and allows these illegal votes to stand, I believe this is the "line drawn in the sand" time. If we sit by and do NOTHING as these few inbred corrupt politicians get away with shoving their crimes, yes, CRIMES-plural, down our throats then we are losers. Those guys that were going to kidnap Whitmer and others? Btw: they were leftists! But those guys? At least they were going to take action. Im not saying do what they planned, not at all. But they were ready to do something, to take action, not sit by and take it. Are we willing & ready to do that? If not, we need to shut up if things don't go our way. Myself included. If the Supreme Court decides against us, the illegal votes, then they just declared where they stand where the ppl are concerned. Against us. Ok, rant over…my meds kicked in ?

  3. I'm lucky if i can get out of Walmart without a Black guy looking at me sexually or hitting on me. I've never seen or heard of a white person say anything rude to a black person in Walmart.

  4. Good catch! They are so fake and what… evil? Wickedness. Van Jones is a faker!! I watched the project Veritas undercover video where van j I nes said the whole Russian collusion thing was a nothing burger. They just followed the story for the ratings.

  5. The CCP has been behind all of this, from the plandemic to funding BLM and antifa and their looting and rioting, to this election fraud. The CCP OWN$ the Bidens. The CCP OWN$ the DNC. The CCP OWN$ big pharma. The CCP even OWN$ Hollywood and the NBA.

  6. How come they lady in the beginning video showed that there was no one in the cars and very little even in the area. But when I watched Harris and Biden speak, I clearly saw people in the area? Did I miss something? I’m sure there’s an explanation.

  7. The world would be so much better off without the MSM, I’m flummoxed people actually listen to them & believe what they say. I just can’t comprehend how people don’t see through the lies.

  8. I used to work at a NJ Toyota dealership & they would send a bunch of their car inventory to events like Blue Claw games. They do this to promote sales ( sort of free advertising) So I’m guessing a Jeep dealership sent inventory to this campaign event & possibly someone saw an opportunity to use the inventory as a political statement. That’s why they are all Jeep’s.

  9. Van Jones forgot his lines! It's "I can't breath. Somebody get me some water or something?" <LOVE> Floyd, the barber and the band! Greetings from Mobile Alabama, where we go one we go all!

  10. I love your new format and approach, and it seems like it's really getting more exposure, at least it appears that way by the number of likes and veiws that each video is getting. Buuuut….I do miss your enchanting voice!!!