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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. To "Pain": Don't do it! There is still a Person in this World you can help by continuing your struggle for 'a better Life.' Don't give those worms that are 'camping on you' the Satisfaction. They are parasites and feast on the blood of their victims- they have no other purpose. You are not the only one who has these feelings- but other people who are not as strong as yourself will feel worse off from the knowledge that you fought – but finally gave up. You must "Keep STRUGGLING until you drop in your spot."

  2. 5:41just shoot them. For being so stupid as to pick a fight with a armed person, just shoot them. As far as the guy waiting for a fourteen year old boy, just him too. Yeah, shoot ALL of them.

  3. All one has to do is Look at their Mayor, their State Governor, their State's Attorney General, their District Attorney, and their local City Councils: It has become abundently CLEAR: There are 'Carney folks' in almost EVERY position who have already sold our Families 'down the River' for a nickle!

    The People have been made weak and feeble – and YOU (in your weakness) have given your Tacit Approval. That is ALL that is needed from you… (Rhetorical)

  4. Some of us are so OLD and Wise in these things, that any worms such as these see us? Their guts ALWAYS 'turn to water…' They are 'Afraid.' So, they 'keep us' isolated on an Island Archepeligo as they continue to direct the FOCUS of an unwary Public. They have declared ALL of us "Toxic" in their State of ignorance.
    "Who is truly 'fit' to Lead?" How are you going to find your LEADERSHIP?

  5. "The Inner Light" may have been successfully extinguished externally….yet
    "The Outer Light" still radiates just the same. (A message to be received internally)
    Long may she Reign! Long my this flame of Liberty Burn Brightly!

  6. I love these videos Ed…. But….I really would love to hear your voice speaking from your heart. No matter the topic , you have a way of making negative stuff we need to know easier to deal with. Stay safe and healthy… Thanks for brightening my life the last few years!!!

  7. Predator Poacher Massachusetts also caught a police chief. Goes to court soon 2? of October.
    After learning of this found many YT channels of people nation wide doing this. Heck Russia 2. Today 10-9-2020 I watched 3 catches live.
    Search predator Poachers I'd interested

  8. Everything reeks of a setup. No matter which candidate wins people are going to be pissed but it is looking increasingly like this whole thing is being rigged to piss off ‘the silent majority’ with a Biden ‘victory’.