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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. All politicians are doing it they all make over 100k and they are all makeing very bad choices with said compensation! Excuse me comp for wtf exactly! They are all doing it! ALL politicians pf are robbing us blind and to death don't be fooled by their red or blue dynamic!

  2. It seems we could be using all these advances and technology to live in some heavenly, peaceful, utopia, yet why aren't we? We are in fact headed real fast in the other direction towards war, genocide, SLAVERY! Oh waite COULD it be possible that they are all liars! THEY all say what ever it takes to get them elected, there shortly after they become the most insidiously HEINOUS new world order scum smut smagma of EARTH! AND this is why we don't live in a heavenly EARTH utopian society, because all technologies and new advances are most CERTAINLY, used against the ANIMAL KINGDOM, MOTHER EARTH, and HUMANITY, 24/7, 365 days a year, every year, year after year! If billionaires are so intelligent and great, why aren't they calling out all the shit ATROCITIES nwo governments, shit useless 1%rs, low life politician puppet pedo satanist zionist nwo pusher lover$, are all doing and try to stop them. Why are all technologies and advances, used against HUMANITY, the animal kingdom and, MOTHER EARTH, why? Why have our minds been studied inside out to only get conquered, divide, and submerged in shit HEINOUS nwo chaos, to then, infact only, be ordered, controlled, groomed, preconditioned by their ATROCIOUS propaganda, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, why? Why, is HUMANITY still the rich psychopaths, prostitute, WHY?
    Oh yeah BECAUSE billionaires are funding biological weapons for genocide against HUMANITY and nwo garbageovernment is in collaboration thats why!
    You all should point out all the rotten dirty men and at times women that have taken advantage of all people, and that continue on advancing! THESE excuses of people involved with sex trafficking$ and pedo ring$ that make up the new world order, 1%rs, politician, satanist, zionist war monger banker wanker bloody bastard scum in garbageovernment talk about them! You know the same ones that want to depopulate earth and talk about it secretly and openly all the time! The ones that have the power to stop the poisions they add to foods, airs, waters, skies, and all youths minds, but they are SELLOUT s to their INSIDIOUS core! SO they dont, they just keep poisoning everyone and call it new world order!

  3. We are way more powerful than they ever want us to know! This is why they study our minds inside and out only to attempt and manipulate and CONTROL our mind! WE are constantly attacked; take a look at link ( ) attacked by nwo scum death cult cartel cabal garbageovernment bags and pales! THEY know we are phenomenally abundantly all powerful and are minds are our greatest asset! They know we are connected subconsciously although consciously we seem separate and independent and appear to be separately functioning! We are the invincible FORCE THEY fear most we must ignite unite and show these fugly bye gonner terrorist etc. WHAT WE ARE REALLY MADE OUT OF!

  4. Most do not realize it but they can Ban you from using the internet simply by requiring a Vaccine ID number to log in.
    all google, MS Windows or whoever has to do is activate this step at start up and then anyone without the V and its ID number will not be able to log online. This is a Legal non mandatory way to boot us from they internet.
    The businesses will just post a sign that say's they require the ID# of your V.

  5. Ed, I have been with you almost five years now and would like to thank you. Maybe we can have a beverage in Pup’s grand “mEAting hall if it gets repurposed.

  6. After lil nas x received backlash for promoting devilry to children he said his music was NOT for kids, blame the parents. Thanks for exposing that he performed at elementary schools and was quoted and saying that children are his primary audience. The devil is a liar.